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[Music] Welcome to nft Alpha unleashing the Wildest nft sales upcoming nft mints and Mind-blowing nft news hand picked by me Taco so give us a follow at nft Alpha Show on X and on YouTube at nft Alpha Starting over here on crypto slam with The top nft collectible sales over the Last 24 hours and it looks like the list Is populated by Crypt punks ranging from $100,000 all the way down to let's see $74,000 in ninth place we have an Arcade. XYZ vult key that's sold for Almost $69,000 nice and a board ape sold for 65 Almost $66,000 let's look at this one Looks pretty cool eh it's nice and clean It's got like a a cross earring striped Shirt smoking a doobie i' to hang out With this dude he seems pretty chill all Right let's get into the news PayPal Wants to create an nft Marketplace would You use PayPal's nft Marketplace let me Know in the comments PayPal has filed a Patent application that aims to Revolutionize the buying and selling of Nfts this patent was filed all the way Back in March but it was unveiled about 10 days ago on September 21st the patent Unveils a unique structure transactions With nfts can be rooted through an Unnamed third-party service provider Although ethereum is cited in the Application fractionalized nft purchases

For example seem to be a possibility Leading to the circulation of governance Tokens that can be traded is Paypal About to come out with a token Furthermore a decentralized autonomous Organization tied to the service Provider might be leveraged to enhance Nft liquidity on a dedicated platform The application also revealed that the Scope of the pending patent isn't just Limited to digital Collectibles but to Anything that represents distinguishable Digital Data which can also be tracked Through a decentralized blockchain Ledger offchain transactions how how are You buying an nft offchain The Illustrated diagram in the application Also shows another feature an Omnibus Wallet I've never heard of an Omnibus Wallet before which would be directly Linked to the service provider for these Type of transactions no transfer would Be registered on the blockchain nor Would there be any gas fee Associated I Don't like paying gas so uh this would Be pretty cool PayPal's Vision also Entertains the concept of nft generated Income through royalties for users Convenience a third party could offer Storage and checkout services while Compliance and risk management could be Streamlined by the service provider Early August PayPal also announced its New dollar back stable coin PayPal USD

Or dollar sign py USD which marks the First time a major US Financial company Created this type of digital asset That's that's big I mean the first US Financial company to make a digital Dollar essentially and the rest of the Article goes into the new leadership Over at PayPal so I'll leave this in the Description if you want to check it out But uh let me know let me know what you Think about a PayPal nft Marketplace in The near future I thought Amazon was was Making a Marketplace and that kind of Disappeared or haven't really heard too Much about it and in other news an Exclusive Charlie Cohen reveals Mar Bears in collaboration with Paris Hilton I know Paris Hilton is a uh is an nft Fanatic and a crypto fanatic she loves Crypto and she's she's very smart so pay Attention to this drop because it's not Just another pfp cash grab the creative Mind behind Restless Charlie Cohen has Joined forces with Paris Hilton Ubisoft's rabids and Gremlin for the Inception of mar Bears an Innovative Collectibles ecosystem today these tiny Creatures bearing resemblance to Pomeranians will come alive on the Blockchain and within an app as Interactive digital pets tamagachi Restless is a platform that gives Brands Influencers and artists the freedom and Accessibility to create and sell

Multiverse fashion through an engaging Gamified experience past collaborators Have included Claire silver and blizzard Games Rabbids also known as Raving Rabbids is is also a video game Franchise developed by the French Italian video game industry Ubisoft so You got blizzard games you got Ubisoft You have Gremlin Paris Hillen you got Restless' main guy Charlie Cohen this is A star studed cast if I were to if I Were to say so let's continue the Unveiling of mar Bears involves a series Of high-profile collaborations like I Just said aiming to bring new Intellectual property to light by Leveraging cuttingedge Technologies like Fully composable digital collectibles Interoperable avatars and a next gen Ugc school so we're going to go into What that is here is one of the official Tweets by Restless I mean I'm assuming That's how you say it RS T LSS Restless Your Mari bear comes with a full Animated interoperable vrm and lives in Its own customizable cave get creative In monoverse unleash chaos in Nifty Island and invite other Mari Bears over To admire your furniture and plot world Domination so I was is going to go into It what this uh NextGen ugc school is Art school plus onboarding each Mar bear Grants access to a modular course on 2D And 3D creation for the digital economy

Web 3 meets gaming we want to create Something that could be a first nft for Young emerging artists so that is Amazing this team is allowing you to Learn how to make 2D and 3D art what was The last time you bought an nft and it And it came with a course on how to do That gremlin the creator of moonbird Oddities cryptos and other collectible Creatures has created a custom trait set For this project and like with all the Traits if a holder manages to Min Gremlin traits they will later be able To split them out and sell them Separately or swap with traits from Other Mar bear holders so it is digital Wearables that you can exchange trade You can get the rare trade and you can Sell it if you want to each Mario Berry Is designed with 13 tra slots for Maximum customization and Rarity hacking Collect have the option to obtain swap Or design bear parts for ultimate Personalization Mari Bears is our most Exciting project today because of the Tech Innovation we have built a whole Creator ecosystem around these bears That allows for a ton of customization And fun we really need fun in this Market and also a way for young artists To start participating in and benefiting From web 3 holders of Mario Bears will Give you access to a beginner's course On creating wearables accessories and

Assets for video games and we'll support The sale and distribution of those Creations via the mar a Marketplace Which also pays out a lifetime royalty So you can learn how to create these Items and then you can either put them On your Mar bear or you can sell them And then you can earn royalties on top Of that it's a really engaging first nft For a non web3 native but also offers Some joy for the Deens says Charlie Cohen so real quick here are the rabbits That were mentioned in the article and Look at that even Reddit has also Mentioned them in their pin tweet here Who knew a plunger was just what your Avatar needed in partners ship with Ubisoft we're bringing Rabbids official To Reddit get your Rabbids Reddit Collectible now and then here is Restless and here's the mar minting now So let's go over to the mint website I Already connected my wallet and if I Wanted to I could Mint one all right so As you can see right there if I click it I could buy now the price at this time Of recording is $132 which is 0077 so With gas let's see what it comes out to Be all right I mean I ain't going to do The math but that's like five to 10 Bucks so yeah this is the mint website You can watch this really cool video if You want choose your Mar mared denture All right so this is how to hatch the

Pet of your nightmare these interactive Digital pets are about to cause an Omniverse wide epidemic of chaos this is A cool little video I'll play a little Bit for you Guys This honestly reminds me of tagachi but The the modern version where it's an app On your phone that you can use to Interact with your Mar bear and in case You didn't believe me this is the Official tweet by Paris Hilton which was About four or five days ago happy Mario Bear's day public Mt is now live the Supply is 15,000 public price is 077 the Restless holder price is 069 and you can Use a debit card or a credit card and of Course you can use crypto and this is uh It looks like her one of one her Bedazzled DJ headphones holographic Wings if you get that one you could Probably sell it for a few ethereum I Would guess so good luck good luck happy Minting I hope you mint out paris's one Of one and then you're pretty much an Instant um Ethan air no no that doesn't Really work you'll probably be able to Sell it for a few ethereum I would guess But that is all I got for today Everybody be blessed talk go Out

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