BRAND NEW INFO about The Otherside!! Pt 3 #nft #cryptoasset

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We got one more to go enchanters boost The skills of all the Oda assigned to Their other D Camp simultaneously so Enchanters can neither fight nor Farm But the more than you have the faster Your farmers will harvest and the better Your hunters will fight enchanters Provide a great advantage to any team And chances need to remain rooted to the Camp for their Buffs to be active okota And kotamara's assigned to enchant not Participate in farming or hunting oh if We go to the vessels these are Eventually going to turn into those Morrows and the co tomorrows but as you Can see there are enchanters farmers and Hunters it looks like the enchanters Only stay on your land and they can help Out your farmers and your Hunter we're Learning as we go ladies and gentlemen Check out my last video where I cover More about other side meta and how its Beta is coming out is September

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