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Go to the third one now Oda moving in Packs are more effective at killing than A lone Oda the more Hunters you have the Faster you can take down shatter to Maximize your damage output layer and Time your special skills and Buffs with Each new season Odo will acquire new Skills and be able to execute more Complex Umbos so this is going to be like a PVC Player versus computer Coda are the most Effective hunters in a coda's ability to Inflict damage in battle is even greater If it has a weapon okay so obviously These are the codas and you see down Here there's 154 with weapons or is There 154 types of weapons yeah that's What it is that's a lot of different Types of weapons uh let's let's look at One for example the brimstone blade There's only nine in existence okay That's pretty that's pretty sick okay so According to this tweet they're more Effective and they're better at fighting If they have a weapon who would have Thought

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