BRAND NEW INFO about The Otherside!! Pt 1 #nft #cryptoasset

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So staying on the theme of the yoga labs And the board Aid Yacht Club ecosystem We have the other side meta so this was About an hour ago from the recording Time so it's about 11 30 on a Friday so Just like brand new information Everybody quest to return the Oda the Hell's an Oda we have codas we have Mars We have code of Mars and now we have Otis or Dakota Mara let's just keep Reading the quest to return the Oda to Other side will unfold over the course Of its season as they learn how to farm And fend for themselves Oda will acquire New skills and set out on adventures to Explore the wild but first you'll need To train them to contend with the Dangerous path ahead it was a nice Little uh art piece they made critique Cool that was one out of four here's two Out of four every Legend Starts Somewhere this one starts at your camp In legends of the mara your Camp is Where you'll Farm fragments house your Lou inform the team that'll defend your Land hey guys I have a land who wants to Be on my team I'm taking applications

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