$BONK Airdrop: All You Need To Know About The Solana Dogecoin Bonk

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But I don't have any other like Salon Nfts that are pfps I only collect art on Solana so All right so let's talk about the bunk Airdrop so before they drop to NF T Collection they gave you an airdrop so Bonkers just a token Um and it's sort of Salon is not sort of It is salona's first airdrop you know on The salon and ecosystem so Um in in the nft space so last year we Had an on ethereum SOS and a whole lot Of other tokens that we got dropped Bonkers their first one and it's almost Like the Solana Dogecoin it's a meme Coin Um and it really it really like people Didn't take it seriously to begin with Right it's similar to Dogecoin and then It actually like has done pretty well And it's actually holding really stable And we'll have a look at the prices Shortly but it's a lot of Network's First ever meme coin similar to Dodge Coin and Shibu Inu and on the official Bank website it states that they tired Of toxic elementa research and those Sort of tokenomics they wanted to just Make a fun meme coin right Um it's single-handedly has you know Carries a lot of network from its low of Eight dollars and raised it to 16 now I Don't know if it's single-handedly Bumped but it definitely had a lot to do

With it because a lot of guys got to Airdrop and then put that airdrop back In into Um nfts on the Solana ecosystem on Magic Eden right so if you are part of the Salama Community you receive 50 of the Total bulk supply as an airdrop during Launch and that was split as 20 of that Of the 50 was sent to 40 Solana nft Collections some of those were cyber Samurai Lily Lotus gang Soul gods and More and then 15 went to early open book Traders 10 to Solana artists and Developers and five percent of Solana Developers and now you can trade bunk You can buy it and trade it Um and then separate to that it's it um They launched a bunks nft project right It's a 15 piece pfp nft collection it Sold out immediately after launch but Like an hour or two And it's now three times what it was at Mid so it's 3x from mint price And if you have a look here I mean this Is the token price Um if we just make it a year just from All time so you can see here you know it It had a bit of a spike and then you Know it's all steady it hasn't dropped Off it's holding very very steady and It's going to be interesting where it Goes from here I think depending on Their next moves Um you know this might be the beginning

Of something or it could just end up Fizzling out you know Yeah dude I saw it at right at the peak And I was so close to jumping in and I Was like you know what this has gotta be The top like there's just no way we're Gonna run and see this keep going so I'm So [ __ ] glad I did it dude Oh God that would have been a disaster Yeah so look it's interesting it's when I'm watching for sure I want to see what Happens with it yeah you can trade it no Bro it's like it's too djin for me on The crypto side you know I'm not I'm not A very Savvy crypto Trader I'm not nfts I really feel like I am I've got all the Tools and I I know what I'm doing to Some degree but crypto I don't I really Don't I don't know how to short and long And stop orders and things like that I Am learning how to read charts and I am Like bettering myself on the crypto side Just to get more knowledge but I don't Feel confident to trade even midcoins Let alone you know absolute [ __ ] coins You know I really don't know how to look For the things and the crosses and you Know the Bollinger Bands and everything You need to know in order to to make it Successful so no I'm not trading it but I'm watching it I'm watching it yeah Phil doesn't touch anything including Apecoin I've touched Dave coin more times than

You have my dear friend I traded it I traded the success the Last time I traded it I traded it very Successfully that was um before this Announcement about this game and I made Uh 30 increase saying from our border Yeah But my first hate coin trade I screwed Up I got the accoin airdrop for my Mutants yeah and I sold it immediately At four or five dollars To go to 25 just before that other other Side launch and I had sold it at five Dollars so I ended up getting 60 Theory MK just for holding a mutant but I could Have got in five times thirty ethereum Bro no no Yesterday I had a guy who came on he's Uh he's one of the he's one of the Imposters uh like he does a bunch of Stuff Yes anyways he told me that he was one Of the first four thousand people in the Shiba inu telegram or Discord or Whatever it was first 4 000 people he Said you want to know you want to know How much he made Phillip this [ __ ] Six one thousand dollars into Shiba Inu Before anyone found it and when it runs Up he pulled out 1.3 million [ __ ] dollars dude 1.3 Million off of a thousand dollars I Could not believe it I literally was shy

On the stream I was like You see that makes me want to buy some Punk Buy every ship coin on the market so Maybe put a hundred thousand dollars in Buy a hundred coins not Financial advice You really shouldn't do this eventually And then like one out of the hundred has Two hits for you to for you to make a Million bucks yep that's what that's What else record did that dude he said Right when the bull market picks up he Goes then you pick your top 20 coins you Throw 100 bucks in each one and you see What yeah but I'm I'm talking about the Bottom 20. I'm talking about the the Smooth the real short coins like this Bunk yeah no no I'm saying I'm just Saying like to do that but like when the Market heats up he's saying and the bank Was good timing like it kind of picked Up at the same time but like with Alex Becker he did that [ __ ] with the gaming Coins right before like when we were in A bull run and was like you know what I'm gonna instigate this gaming Bull Run So he talks about it then he starts Buying all these gaming [ __ ] coins and I Think he like Turned uh like maybe like A few hundred K into a few million again And I was just like this [ __ ] This guy incredible there's definitely Something to it but I'm not I'm not Proficient enough but I'll get day but

For now I'm I like losing my money on Nfts instead of losing my money on

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