Bodoggos – Post Drop Analysis On This Solana NFT Project By @NiftyPortal & @EasyEatsBodega

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Thing right now yeah there is problems On on Twitter oh but yeah yeah so They're it's slightly different it's Like spelled it's Ash bro doggo's nft You got it Um I did find it cool we're good we're Good okay I'm ready there we go let's Talk about it all right guys so Shout out easy eats love him so happy For him so I finally got the [ __ ] the Uh the goods out bro and so I was able To Mint one I had a held a Nifty portal Of course because we love the Nifty guys And I minted this one that he was cool About like honestly not my specific cup Of tea so I listed it at 14 or 15 each I Think I think 15 eighth and I was like All right let's just I want to see like What price action does or not 15 15 Soul Um What the [ __ ] which was like 250 I think And I minted it for 80. so it was like Instant like 4X so I was or three or Three 4X I was like nice like that's Actually pretty insane and then I ended Up picking this one up a crown trait Around the same around the same price Oh I had a moment where we pumped up and I almost I think I almost got this one Sold for like another four or five sole Profit but it ended up not selling and Then the price started to Trend downward A little bit and so I just listed it for Around the same that I uh that I bought

It for because I don't love this one I Just like the crown trait and I just Needed to feel the the feeling of owning It so I bought it and then I listed it And I just checked 10 seconds ago Because I was just gonna look at the Floor with you guys and um bro I was Like I went to my items and I was like Wait a second Is not listed like It must be sold and I checked my Solana Wallet and I was like sure enough yeah I Got a 15 Soul sitting in my wallet now And uh I think I'm gonna pick up one off The floor bro I'm very happy that sold Because I like that one but there was Other traits that I saw that I liked More and I just I was panicking when I Was buying because I was like worried That there was going to be no Crown Traits left and then I would [ __ ] Miss out but this is the badogos project Guys so easy eats shout out man what is Your general feeling I mean a small Persons is 10.5 salon at the moment is The full grass yep what is it what is That more or less than dollars uh so About a hundred and eighty dollars if so I have 15.09 soul which is 276 dollars Okay so yeah about under 200 and Men Price was 85 is that right 80 bucks all Right so they're still sitting two and a Half over it Like he like he's just he's just a

Content creator who likes to talk about Nfts and he dropped a project for people To join him and then they're gonna I'm Sure they're gonna just like add in Mainly the community efforts but they've Been building this up before the mint Even happened for like four months bro And people love it they're getting all These free nfts dude I have not felt Like I I don't know what the price will Be for these things I don't I'm not Particularly like I don't really know how Soul projects Work but I think like this the strength Of the community here is like way Stronger than any project we're gonna See for a long time because easy [ __ ] Brings the heat dude that man is gonna Be he's one of the best one of the best By far Look the supply 9000 uh listed of that Is a thousand which is which is not bad So you're looking at about eight percent Listed average salary lasts 24 hours is 12.5 Solana current floor we said 10.5 Volume done 103 000 Salina that's that's Huge I mean that's a lot of Salina Um I personally I mean I'll be honest with You like I always am I don't like that Um really dude I've been seeing the art Forever I just I've been wanting one for So for so long what do you not like About it I don't know I don't know they

Just all look very very similar to me as The exact same face a lot of them are White I mean I just I don't particularly Like it Um but I mean it doesn't really matter Because you you're getting a ticket into Um someone that you believe in in the Space but if we if we're just judging it Purely on the odd I really don't like it I mean look look how similar they are I Mean They really are hard to tell apart you Know if The face is identical there's not enough Traits for me Um but yeah I mean look the Nifty guys Have taken easy under their wing this Seems to be a Nifty Um initiative as well so it's not just Easy I mean it is the easiest project But they've partnered together for this Project yeah Um so I wonder how the Nifty holders Feel Um I don't know have we have you seen What's happened to the Nifty floor so They I'm sure the Nifty floors crash at Least like 50 because that was the only Reason it was holding for so long is Because everyone got white list uh I Know that they held a bodogo's Discord AMA but I haven't watched it yet Yes I know they held one so I don't know What the I started listening everyone's

Chilling though it seems like everyone's Chilling but here's the ones just by Like glancy on the floor by the way well I like that fire face one which one This one yeah that looks different to The rest of them yeah I know there's a Bunch of those bro I think you just have To scroll more on uh along along the Floor I like that yeah that one I also [ __ ] know you know what else no Forget the crown go back one these are Clean bro this is so clean go back to go Back to to my fire guy you know what Else I like always when I buy nfts I Really like the fact that he's got the Logo around his neck I really like what The accessories refer to the collection And he's got the cap yeah that's clean That's really clean yeah the camera the Sunglasses if it's for UK the sunglasses Bro you got it and no you got it yeah Sunglasses and and no sunglasses is is You It's if you want to buy one oh bro this One's so cool though no they're all White Kate all the ones on the floor I Watch the album This is a tough one Right here That one is that is you bro you're a King got sunglasses the coloring's right It's different to some of them if you're Looking to buy and these are all our Option there's no doubt in my mind that That suits you the best and it looks

Nice I don't like to watch the white Food I really prefer this over any of Them for you I prefer it I like the fire Phase just because it's so different to What I've seen but Because there's so many that I like like I really like this trade I love this This uh this specific type of crown so I Love that blouses look what's the other Glosses in the middle down there Hold on there's this once you finish Looking there's another one on the line Under this bro it's glasses it's the uh Crown trait not a treat Well this is a different Crown to the Other Crown hey yeah but where's the oh It's hat it's okay it's a Brooklyn yes Different All right Go back uh go down I know where you were but Under that there was another one with Sunglasses no no no no no I I hate the [ __ ] one Okay are you looking I wanna I wanna Look at the Nifty until there was one Not on the line in the center is there a Point two usually Yeah all right so it's currently The flow 0.09 so just under 0.1 Yeah So you've lost point one ethereum which Is worth 180 dollars To make 180 on the on the bedagas pretty

Much right because you could have sold It at 250 when you paid 80. I scroll Down by the way I'm back okay when I Come have a look but I just looking here I mean to be fair the floor hasn't moved That much actually Um Um There must have been a snapshot there Must have been the snapshot the day they Took the snapshot was there about two Weeks ago that's all right okay it does Make sense okay I'm going back to you So this is where I was at Right let's go let's go down I mean any of them I think you're going To have some sort of our way trades I Really do so you've got to look at it oh No man bro it's cool Anyway I listened to some of it I Listened to some of the AMA and it's on It's on their Twitter and YouTube and Whatever and I don't know the first 20 Minutes was just Nick giving his Credentials about what companies he's Built I don't know I must be honest Nick Bugs the [ __ ] out of me honestly Even when I'm watching them on YouTube When he starts going off and talking I Have to fast forward I can't even Sarcastic Right he spoke for 20 minutes about Absolute rubbish And this AMA for the bedagas I didn't

See it I don't know each day but um but Look well done to them nine thousand Nine thousand I do I do Um they could subscribe to 3x uh if you Mentored it currently sitting in a 2X Um long term they're building something Good I mean with that said what's what's Equivalent to the Nifty like what's for Rook's project right radio what are they Sitting at let's have a look here Just to get an idea they also around Point one here they are see they had the Same thing bro when they dropped their With their pfp The floor created these were sitting at Half an eighth these rug radios wow oh Yeah you're right And and the second they dropped their Their pfp that you wanted to buy more Than I thank God stopped you yeah Seriously yeah Um I mean what are they sitting at where What are they called the faces Probably I think it's pink no that's Something else no I think that's it That's it that's it That's it Yeah so they under 0.01 at the moment Wow also also the art is absolutely [ __ ] Dude it's Unique That is unique Sorry [ __ ] Bro why do I keep why do I keep putting My money into other people bro why do I

Keep thinking that they like I'm like You know what these guys are gonna make It and then I put I go and buy some nfts And then a year later I'm like damn I Should not have done that You know cryptology was the fattest guy I've ever met his aunties his wives Um late grandmother's Memorial and he's Like look it's guy got lucky that Expected I'm sorry about it I said to him families more important Than anything bro like The Memorial's just going on come on Let's wrap this Memorial up I've gotta I've got a show to listen to yeah you See John agrees with me it's a horrible Pfps talking about the rag radio I'm Just so biased because of content Creator I want to support I like Farouk But but you know I know that I know that Farook likes it so like because farook Likes it I like it because I like Pharrell Standpoint at least from what I know of Him it's like okay he works hard I want To support him same with easy like easy Likes the art I assume so I'm like okay If you see likes it then I'm down for That you said it yourself right now and And you need to do this why are you Investing in other people don't buy any Of these nfts in any way and and put That money towards growing the the Jewish Kingdom brand more whatever that

Means whether that means sending out Another 100 shirts for free to people Who are gonna spread the word whether That means whatever put that money Towards you bet on yourself more than Anyone else it's it's in no way Um a judgment against I mean I respect For Rook I think it's going a lot of Places in the space I respect easy I Think he's going a lot of places and I Respect Nick even though I don't like Him I respect him and that's what makes Him so controversial is he people you Are the liking my hating when people Watching for that and that's fine Um I'm not saying I hate the guy just Sometimes he bags the [ __ ] out of me but Either either way I think you should be Investing in yourself and you said that You you said it and I agree Yeah you're right so that's

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