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And you know believe in the space long Term hugely otherwise we wouldn't be Sitting here I mean honestly it's a you Know what's it a Friday night Um both of us you know have got stuff we Could be doing Um and and we choosing to such a discuss The space and bring stories and news and The reason I'm doing it I know that You're the same is because I Fundamentally believe that this Technology is going to change the world I believe that blockchain technology is The absolute future I think it's as big As the internet was when it was launched And if you think about what the world Was like before being able to go on the Internet to to get your news and order Your things and research stuff and Everything that's how big this shift is Going to be I know it's not going to Happen overnight and I'm here for the Long run because of that so I think with Stuff like that when we see a story like Steve Aoki and Seth Green partnering up To try something new not as you said not To you know make huge amounts of money Or whatever they want to experiment Because they also believe that Blockchain is

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