Bitcoin Themed PEZ Dispenser Officially Launches

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I'm going to give you this feel-good Story so we've got Pez dispensers anyone Who's a web 2 collector like I am will Know piz dispensers Um I got a couple of them and never got Into a property the things I've gone Into properties Hot Wheels I got Surrounded by them Garbage Pail Kids Marbles Coca-Cola Collectibles stuff Like that but I've got a couple of Pizzas so the nice thing here is that Pearce has launched the first ever Bitcoin themed Um piz dispenser you can see it over Here it's a limited edition of only 30 000 which four pairs is is quite small And it's not a big run Um so the scarcity means that they Mirror out the scarcity of Bitcoin and Create the first yes that's him that's It the first Bitcoin theme candy Collectible the world's first Bitcoin Theme pest dispensers launched for Limited edition run Um so okay just look up what he got Um sued for a successfully please Um and now Pro snacks of sales and newly Formed family-owned business launched The product that's facility at Walmart Companies producing a hard limit I mean Kate if you can pick up a couple of These men I think they could have value down the Line I'm being dead serious I mean I if

You do see if by me like five I'll pay You for them and when you send me my Shoes or whatever we'll send them all Together but um seriously there's only 30 000 of them Pez are collectible Bitcoin's collectible it's not a huge Amount of money to buy them and if you Do see one in the world model you get One for me Arrested for so apparently he Uh a Texas jury on Friday uh this is by The way this is August 5th this is a While it's like like nine months ago but He paid apparently 49 million dollars in Total damages to the parents of a first Grader killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre which you guys Remember Um it was huge and he basically was like This isn't real this is blah blah and Jesus Christ 50 million no but it was Blue uh how much money was that 50 million dollars that was one of the Biggest things that got canceled because I was so adamant about that yeah There's a thing to be said about you Know sticking through what you believe In when like people aren't saying but That's like oh dude like someone's Family like parents or kids dude like That's super that's super Like even if you're doing for clicks Like Dude oh my God he just trampled over

People Your Gen X exclusively at Walmart my man Kate you've got to give me a couple of These where's the nearest Walmart Uh hold on I was sorry I was looking at The thing I missed this whole bit about The peasant but yes there is a actually My friend Janessa literally just went to Walmart so just if you're watching this When we go to Walmart next week we're Gonna pick one of these up In the more than one I want to I want Like five at least or just we're gonna Pick up five I'm ten actually I won five Two one People in the spaces I should be with You two who wants them Jack janex you Want some So I wanted to go to Walmart anyway I don't Go to Walmart but it's outside the city And she went so I was like okay I'll go All right cool right down Philip wants At least five Pistons bits I'll pay you Back okay Oh yeah you see edgenics also wants them Bro I think like we all teachers at Heart you know I mean I've got all these Collectibles behind me I love Collectibles man so this is cool I will look for it now you're going to You can just like wear your your boob Tube top with your tummy out and and go To Walmart okay


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