Billionaire Elon Musk & Mark Cuban’s Thoughts on NFTs!

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[Music] What is going on everybody Welcome to Nft Alpha the channel that brings you The wildest nft sales upcoming nft mins And mind-blowing nft news hey picked by Me Taco so give us a follow on our Socials got our X account at nft Alpha Show our Tik Tok at nft Alpha and our YouTube at nft Alpha I'm sure you saw The title you got Mark cubin and Elon Mus talking about nfts let's see what They said all right so here is Vincent He is a UT holder pretty cool because he Posted this clip of Mark hbin and Mark Hbin actually retweeted this on his Personal account if you don't believe me I'll show you right now all right here Is Mark Cuban's official X account so He's got 8.8 million followers and if You scroll down just a little bit boom There you go Mark cubin repost this Tweet from Vincent crypto Lucian all Right let's uh let's check out this Minute 23 clip OST 93X everybody losing Money in nfts why are you still here LOL I got a handy dandy graph this is the Nft market and this this is the volume Of sales okay so he's showing this chart Return on trades since it looks like the Beginning of this year until April so From January to April of 2023 it was not Looking good for nft Traders apparently No one was in profit that was actively Trading nfts I mean I I wasn't buying

And selling nfts during this time I was Collecting nfts basically it sucks you Know how many other Industries have Sucked there was a time after the Internet stock market crashed where Amazon was selling for five A share Microsoft was selling for Hundred of what they sell right now you Ever been in the trading card industry That Mickey manle card that you know Steph Curry card I am glad he brought That up Mickey Mantle card pretty much Rare trading cards in general because if You check out my last video Andrew Tate Hates nfts and I agree but there's a Catch I'm just going to let you watch This video because it pretty much is Backing up exactly what Mark cubin is Saying you ever been in the trading card Industry that Mickey manle card that you Know Steph Curry card goes up goes down Go up go down the same thing is Happening to nfts now there are some People that would tell you that this is The best time if you're an nft collector To buy an nft I'm not going to tell you What you should or shouldn't do other Than to say with nfts the best time to Buy is when you're a collector and you Love the nft don't buy to speculate I'm Going to say it to you for the people in The back don't speculate you know what Happens to speculators they get their Ass handed to them I can stare at my

Mutant Punk all day long cuz I collected It I'm not paying attention to all the Things that happen on a day-to-day basis And you shouldn't either and he's Showing this graph here so this is the Unique daily buyers for nfts starts on March and it ends in October so this Literally ended yesterday so unique Daily buyers have remained low even Though we've been trending higher and I've got the data to back that up as Well even though these aren't some of The most popular nft projects people Still like them this is this project is Up over 700% 300% here 200% 200% 80 60 60 the captains are up almost 50% you Scroll down a little more you get to Like Mady those are up 35% redacted Rilio babies are up 30% you got onchain Monkeys which we're going to talk about Later in this video is up 23% and in Just one day they're up almost 26% Scrolling down even more you got the Muap yach club that is up 20% over the Last 7 days all right let's go back to The video it's almost over someday we're Going to turn it around and you know What you're going to say to yourself You're going to say to Yourself I should have bought those damn Nfts when they were next to nothing all Right Mark cubin coming in for the nft Collectors around the world but I I did Want to add one thing one thing that

Kind of puts it all into perspective why Why is Mark cubin a billionaire all of a Sudden making a video about nfts it's Kind of out of context right well not Really let's go down to company we're on The open SE page we're going to go to About building an open Digital economy Blah blah blah who is open C blah blah Blah our story backed by top firms and Industry leaders and who is that in the Top leftand corner it's the Man Mark Cubin so you could say he's protecting His Investments but obviously he Believes in nfts because he wouldn't Have invested in it if he didn't all Right let's continue all right so we Watched The Mark hin video showed you Guys the stats on current nft Buy ERS if You're still here you're a real one Because we are at the lows of the lows Of nft buyers unique nft buyers but um That's great Mark hbit is bullish on Nfts longterm he Compares it to like the Trading card industry collectible beanie Babies for example Funko Pop Collectibles but what about what about Another billionaire what about this guy Uh in this clip he is talking about one Of the most famous nft artists so let's Check it out Went cool yeah looking in the mirror Have you seen that before did people get You one of those yeah he's awesome he's Awesome he's pretty edgy he's it's

Amazing that he puts out a piece of art Per day 365 days a year yeah I was Following him on the xat yeah he he ends That clip with saying I was following Him on the xplatform but I think he is Not following him anymore cuz he's a Little too edgy I don't blame Elon you Want to see some of um people's artwork He made with elon's images you got this One gigachad you got this one Tron musk And then of course you got um you got This one Elon mus holding a trophy on a Sheba Inu dog and of course I mean why Not he's like half naked in all of them So um I don't put it past Elon Musk for Maybe unfollowing people cuz he doesn't Exactly make familyfriendly art which is Fine to each their own people is one of The most popular nft artists out now his Everydays from 2020 the four prices 7 Ethereum at uh current ethereum market Prices that is over $112,000 let's watch this 30 second clip Why not so you got Pikachu and infected Culture and it looks like that's it cool All right let's go on to see what else Elon has to say about nfts but I mean Nfts the funny thing is that the nft is Not even on the blockchain it's just a URL to the to the the jpeg so it's not Even like if like you should at least Encode the jpeg in the blockchain cuz Like if the URL if the company housing The image goes out of business you have

The image anymore all right so a few Points I have to make on this and fro he Makes a really great point right in his Tweet here the image the nft image links Back to the Token on the blockchain and The token is on chain the token is what Holds the value not the image because it Represents the former when you trade an Nft you are trading an onchain token It's that simple guys obviously Elon Musk is a smart guy he's a billionaire Uh he's he has like I don't know five to To 10 companies that are multi-billion Dollar companies Tesla boring SpaceX the Xplatform uh I'm I'm missing a few but Yeah he is a he's a rich guy he's a Smart guy but I do have to push back Because of this one point 90% of people Trading nfts honestly don't care that It's not technically on chain you're Interacting using the blockchain with These tokens that are on chain most of These tokens that are linking to the Image they're on an AWS Cloud Server Amazon web services the biggest company In the world that is housing your url Image so I don't think AWS is going down Anytime soon if they go down we have a Bigger problem than your monkey jpeg not Showing up on openc but but if you are a Onchain maxi I got an article for you Guys it's an old it's an old article From 2020 November 24th 2020 the best Hen onchain nfts that insiders love this

List pretty much holds true today Because like I said 90% of nfts are not On chain but the ones that are these are The 10 best in the opinion of the writer Of this article but I also agree with Most of these nft projects obviously Right off the bat you got the Crypt Punks they are an example of an onchain Nft since 2017 you got the nouns and Notice notice the type of art this is It's pixelated it's in the I think it's Called 8 bit correct me if I'm wrong Please but it's um very simplistic block Art pixelated art the nouns these things Um I spoke about probably two or three Weeks ago they had a big Dow Fork but um Yeah if you want to check out that video Let's see which one it was here's a Little short of it the nft community Takes 27 million from the treasury but Um let me find the actual video it's got To be around this time here it's this One nft holders walk away with 27 Million so if you want to learn more About the nouns check out this video all Right back to the article all right so We got the nouns we got the cryptodes And again let's check out the cryptodes Notice a pattern here with the type of Art it is I'll get into that at the end Of this article why all the art is in This style for onchain nfts you got the Anise which are these cute little guys Ethereum name service so what this

Allows you to do is create pretty much a A shortened version of your public Address that you can receive crypto Let's say your friend needs to send you $100 you can send them your name. eth For example instead of that very long Drawn out public address that nobody Memorizes you can send it just to their Ens name so that has to be on chain Otherwise it doesn't know where to point To and then you got onchain monkeys this Project they even ported it over to Bitcoin so now they have Bitcoin ordinal Onchain monkeys and then you got art Blocks we went over this a few times in The past these are all made directly on Chain as soon as the transaction is Minting the nft which gives you a Completely random output that is on Chain this data lives on chain and Noticed how it's a simpler art it's not Exaggerated it's not a lot of data That's the point it's not a lot of data Because in order to put all this data on Chain that's going to cost a lot of Ethereum and it's going to fill up the Block space requiring more ethereum to Submit the transaction all right so We're down to seven you got loot this Was an OG project from August of 2021 Not sure that there's still active or a Thing but hey it's on chain look at this It's literally black box with white text Then you got chain Runners and then you

Got ether Orcs not to uh I have not kept Up with chain runners or ether Orcs so Be my guess to check them out because They are on chain and real quick let's End the video on crypto slam with the Biggest 24-hour nft sales you had an RBX Vesting voucher that sold for $215,000 that was on ethereum on salana You had a mad lad sell for almost $32,000 you had an uncategorized ordinal On the Bitcoin blockchain sell for Almost $20,000 on the binance smart Chain you had the most treasury fund nft Sell for $188,000 on the immutable X Platform cross the ages sold for $6,500 On arbitrum we had a tigis position nft Sell for $6,200 and little will end on polygon With a club 125 sold for $5,600 that is all I have for today I Hope you enjoyed the video until next Time Taco Out

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