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What is going on nft Alpha welcome back I'm glad you're here and it's another Episode where we're going into nft Ecosystem I'm your host Taco it's Taco Time if you aren't following us at nft Alpha on YouTube go ahead and do that Right now hit that hit that uh subscribe Button and on Twitter follow us at NFC Alpha show and follow me at crypto Underscore Taco zero one I almost forgot My name there two days ago board age Sewer passes were able to be burned for A uh a mystery random uh Mecca box it Looks like Ford ape store passes nfts Can be transformed into robots the Company behind the popular ethereum NFC Collection introduces the next stage of The dookie Dash racing game board ape Yacht Club Creator Yuga Labs on Wednesday open the minting of its newest Nft collection heavy metal or their Abbreviation a HV Dash MTL through its So-called summoning process in which Owners of sewerpass nfts can burn or Essentially destroy them in exchange for Robots described as meccas heavy metal Is a collection of 30 000 Evolution 1 Meccas that sewerpass nfts release from A power source when burned and that will Grant access to Future games and content So there was a little issue with the Metadata which is essentially the Properties on an nft and a few people Got a little screwed for lack of a

Better word some collectors complained About issues with the heavy metal Metadata and missing companion traits so If you're watching my latest NXT alpha Videos we went over toad mode which was A uh almost like a cash grab grab as Many as you can and it was more luck Than and it was based on skill so those Companions you were competing for Companions and I guess some of them that Were supposed to have companions they Didn't so um you were you bought this Tens of thousands of dollar nft only to Find out it's not what you thought it Was but don't worry Yuga Labs quickly Jumped on this issue and reached out to All or told all the people to reach out To them and they will give them their Refund and they fixed the metadata so no Harm done all right it looks like the Summoning has begun in one of their Official tweets eligible sewer pass Holders can now head to forward slash summoning to burn Their past to burn their super fast for This uh New Mecca heavy metal box There's 30 000 meccas total but Approximately 3 500 sewer passes were Never claimed which was like essentially A free 2.5 I have ethereum right there Now those 789 were claimed but ineligible for the Summoning because you had to go into the Game and you had to record a score you

Could have just gotten a score of one Point but as long as you you entered you Played then you were able to uh register The score and summon your Mecca this is Their official uh open C page it looks Like so far they have 16 700 that have been created from the Sewer passes there are eight different Types one legendary there's the Legendary one right there which I Believe the gentleman paid 1.6 million Dollars for there's the Halos or Holo Holos there's Reaver there's glitch Celestial I think the celestial ones Look the coolest all right you also got Knight you got Dynamic and you got bio So I got a bio box with the official uh Mu nape from the Pluto Alliance the Pluto Alliance has burned its sewer pass And revealed a bio heavy metal box and That's our little uh mutant on the right Hand side there so uh pretty cool pretty Cool so we're in the ecosystem we're Ready for the next uh Evolution but uh What I thought was really cool is this Guy this guy on Twitter he made a little Bit of a comparison between a leaked Image from yoga labs and a picture of One of the the mecca boxes so as you can See the red looks like it's the red here This uh orange the wings look like those Wings I'm I'm thinking or this person's Thinking that the night box which is This box is going to turn into this

Thing which is a pretty badass looking If you ask me so that's one of eight and Uh I'm gonna be keeping an eye on this Project Google Labs is the top project In all of uh nfts right now so you got To pay attention to what they're doing Not on ethereum we're on cardano we have An announcement of an announcement so This was their original announcement Back on March 10th so it's cryptic it Looks like it's an airdrop so going back It says more info to come uh follow us So you don't miss a thing let's see What's minting so I came across goofy Goober's mining club uh they are minting In one day the Goofy Goober mining Club Is an exclusive Community for those who Want to maximize Diversified exposure Across crypto web 3 and Beyond bringing True decentralization and gamification To multiple chain cryptocurrency mining They got 5 000 followers they joined April last year not bad they're followed By a few people I follow it looks like It's going to be a little bit of a Pixelation type of uh nft it's gonna be On chain 888 with real world utility this is a Breakdown of their mining 90 of mining Revenue deployed on Asic miners you know When it comes to websites I like this One it's like you're going into the Depths of uh the underworld and you're Mining so I mean I I think that's a cool

Concept that they went with so I'll Leave this website in the the Description if you want to go through Their lore this is cool to see though They have um an extensive lower build Out in three parts Um and it looks like they have a docs Team that is huge that is very big in Today's day and age when I could look at This guy and I could be like Ryan you're The founder of the Goofy Goobers all Right if there's any uh FAQs they Answered them right here but um yeah They're minting tomorrow so maybe check This guy out see if it tickles your Fancy all right in other news Justin DZ And I went to vcon last year and it was Really fun You go this year May 18th to the 20th in Indianapolis Indianapolis we got Busta Rhymes uh we got a16z boo boo dead Fellas manifold I think I saw yeah Ledger garyvee is the type of guy who Continuously adds new new uh guests new Speakers so I would follow their account To get their latest updates and it was a Lot of fun last year a lot of a lot of Funny stories a lot of good times so uh Looking to repeat that this year and Like I do almost every day I see what's Uh on the top of the volume list oh Mgland oh what a surprise it's not like I haven't seen this on the top of the List for the past two weeks three weeks

But funny I say that is because blur Disabled their point system Because they were wash trading it with Their own Community Personal uh royalty Wallet just they were buying and selling 33 East Lands back and forth with each Other and raking up these points so uh Blur went out of their way and disabled It so good on them I like to see them Stepping up and discouraging wash Trading this blatantly obvious all right Guys that's all I got happy Friday and I'll see you on Monday Taco out Foreign

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