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If guys like us you owe me code the head Of rtk of T and these other guys if guys Like this can get hacked I just feel for The newcomer who comes into the space it Doesn't even have to be a hack like this They buy a collection that they think is A pudgy penguin and it's actually not a Pudgy penguin or whatever it's just we We're not going to be able to onboard The masses until it's until it's safer In my opinion you know I mean it was always going to be a Question of when and yeah I think we're Too early for any of that I mean we're All just we're chipping away at it That's kind of what's going on I've Always held my Um more of my Uh probably the best word is like Self-worth in my content like once I Realized that trading is so hard like I Know like it was embarrassing when I Lost mine too I wasn't as much Embarrassed I was just kind of like dude Are you kidding me like that was So stupid Um but Uh but that's what I mean embarrassed That that I that I fell for it you know The guy who who warns people on discords Security alert

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