AZUKI F****D UP BAD!!! WORST “L” IN NFT’s Explained

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[Music] What's going on everybody welcome back To another episode of entity Alpha it's Your boy Taco here give us a follow on Twitter and let's get right into the Story Azuki nft prices slid 44 after Creator Releases basically identical Elementals Here is a few of the Elementals but We'll get into more of it later in the Video so the popular azuki nft Collection slid 44 in the past 24 hours After Elementals the company's new nft Collection was slammed by holders and Market Watchers The Collection was Released yesterday Tuesday the 27th and They raked in a whopping 38 million Dollars in only 15 minutes the reason How they were able to do this is OG Azuki holders were able to Mint in the First 10 minutes it was a Dutch auction Meaning that it started at two ethereum And every second the price would go down Probably like .001 ethereum until They're all minted out there is a total Of 20 000 of these Elementals the azukis Were first they had 10 minutes to Mint And then the beans holders the beans Holders were able to Mint they had just An unlimited amount of time until then Public mint started but it didn't even Get to public men after the beans Started minting the Elementals it sold Out this is what they uh minted was this

Bean not even kidding it was it was a Bean guys there's four tiers to these Beans as you could see number one has The most with 11 000 and tier four only has 226. so these minted like I said in a Dutch auction for two ethereum but the Floor price right now is only 1.77 if you have faith in azuki maybe It's a good opportunity to pick these up Because they are unrevealed you Essentially have to burn it in order to Reveal your azuki Elemental so let's get Back to the article the new NFC Collection looks too similar to The Azuki Collection all right let's go Right back to open C all right so here Is the azuki originals and here is the Azuki Elementals original Elemental original Elemental original Elemental Elemental original original Elemental element Elemental original Original all right you get the picture I Can't tell the difference can you tell The difference I don't think so however Let's look at the traits just a little Bit more because there is some things That are different okay if you go into The subtypes you can see that there's Classic they are referencing their Classic OG collection so I give it that That they are actually acknowledging That these are the classic version but Then they also have a new type of nft

Part of the Elementals and their subtype Is a kid so these are Kids cool cool it's different that's the Main key it's actually different than Their their uh Originals so we can go to Type so if you can see human animal red Blue and then there's these uh three Question marks for mystery so the Animals I thought were actually really Cool all right so here's the animals so They got a fraud they got a fox they got A panda somewhere what else they got Cloth so if it this is my opinion if They were to make a uh a new collection With just kids and just these subtype Animals would have been a home run nft Twitter would be a different place than It was yesterday with people praising The nfts that they got and the Elementals that they got but it is not The case everybody is very upset I mean I would be too I did not own an azuki it Really didn't affect me as much as it Might affected to hold her but I'm still Upset because I represent the nft Ecosystem and when blatant negligence For how this ecosystem is pretty much Just operating one Min price too high Two you're selling to your own holders Three you only gave them a 10 minute Window and number four the art is way Too similar how in God's green earth did This company that raked in millions of Dollars not do some just damage control

And just just common sense practice of Oh guys it is kind of look too similar To these Maybe they won't notice maybe no one Will care I'm pissed for the people that Freaking minted these thinking that They're gonna get some like type of like Air water fire Elemental earth type of Cool looking nft Pfp a new PSP to rock on Twitter and now You can't tell the difference between um One or the other so let's go back to the Article perfect example find the Language one is an izuki and one is an Elemental tell me the difference I bet You can't here is Charlotte Fong creator Of the popular Milady nft collection Azuki really sold a 20 000 collection at Two ethereum exclusively to their own Holders extracting about 40 million only For the art to be revealed as basically Identical to the main collection I mean It is all over Twitter if you just type In azuki you will find Um a plethora of people that are upset And not to mention some of the artwork Is messed up as well whether it be the The placement of the mouth on the side Of the person's face whether it be uh I Saw one a girl's holding like a Talisman And it's completely missing the color You make 40 million dollars and you gave People the Walmart version of azuki ah It makes me upset that analytics show

Sales of azuki nfts increased almost 400 Percent compared to last week I mean Yeah people are trading the new Collection while prices fell from over 14 ethereum under 10. let's just take a Moment of silence and reflect on what Just happened to everybody And let's see what azuki had to say About it it's always both challenging And exciting opening up the gates to the Garden this time we missed the Mark we Hear you the mint process was hectic the Pfps feel similar and even worse Dilutive uzuki you didn't think of any It's not our goal for Elementals is to Grow the garden then why did you make it To your own freaking holders welcome new Members into the community then why did You mint it to your own holders for two Ethereum and most importantly to expand The Zuki Universe instead of foundation Very decentralized IP with deep lore one That enables us to create a new type of Anime that's already under production Blah blah blah blah oh and one more Thing a green bean yeah guys um if you Can't tell I have a certain stance about This whole thing I hope you enjoyed the Video ladies and gentlemen until next Time Not go out

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