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Right before I moved down to Georgia From Connecticut I mean I needed to get Some money in order make sure that my Move was smooth I was looking to sell One of my nfts it was a rumble Kong League nft I was looking to trade my Rumble Kong nft for like four or five Ethereum I reached out in their Discord I got some DMS back saying hey I'm Interested in buying it at that time Openc didn't have this peer-to-peer Feature so there was another website Called Mfttrader.io that I was familiar with You put up the cryptocurrency that you Want to sell the other person puts up The nft that you want to buy come to an Agreement hit submit they hit submit Boom peer-to-peer transaction however This was trying to scam me It's a DOT IO link he was sending me a DOT a I link which is a scam website That will hack you and drain your wallet So thankfully he didn't end up scamming Me because I caught it

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