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[Music] Welcome to nft Alpha unleashing the Wildest nft sales upcoming nft mints and Mind-blowing nft News and picked by me Not go so give us a follow at nft Alva On YouTube and at nft Alpha show on X We're gonna we're gonna stay on X here Today with a tweet from the board Abe Yacht Club been a fan since way back let Me know in the comments if you recognize This logo I mean I did because I own This Bape glow-in-the-dark space camo Shark bullzip hoodie but it zips up all The way so you know it looks like I'm a Shark and and all those little those Little white specks those glow in the Dark so I want to show you guys that I Know what Vape is a bathing ape that is What the board API Club is collaborating With it looks like and uh I love it I Mean they're another ape brand very very Iconic in the underground Urban scene uh You know like some of the clothes I wear Or hey dolphin I'll show you guys that Real quick so I wear a lot of Pink Dolphin clothing it's just like I said It's like Urban streetwear a lot of Tie-dye a lot of um more unique fonts More unique uh screen presses and Whatnot where whatever you want to call It it's not your it's not your average Just like Polo Ralph Lauren it's like a Street brand Urban brand and I love it Because they are very very popular

Around the world especially in like Japan and like Hong Kong so I will be Buying this merch when it comes out and If you have a Yuga asset I'm assuming Board Apes will be first and then Mutants and then kennels and then Etc et Cetera and then we could even speculate Up here in the right hand corner looks Like there's some like a sneaker box so Maybe some sneakers are coming in our Future maybe a little bit of like Campbell's chicken noodle boarded Yacht Club soup baby baby yeah I just want to Show you guys that the Bape clothing Brand is known for these these type of Hoodies the ones that zip up all the way Even into the hoodie so you have a board Ape or a yoga asset be on the lookout it Looks like some merch is coming in the Near future all right we're gonna stay On X because I saw this really really Cool trailer for my pet hooligan because The public Early Access is out now Exclusively on the epic game store YouTube Looking looking around [Music] Okay so that's the official trailer Let's watch the Gameplay trailer just a Little bit of it [Music] Smoothies Foreign I've seen this game on my radar for

Probably over over like six months at This point and it looks like the game is Finally able to be download and played So here's their ex account at mypat Hooligan got carrots an interactive Entertainment experience from amgi Studios free to play it's free to play You do not need to own one of these in Order to play which are the the avatars Essentially for the game the cheapest One right now at a time of recording is Over a thousand dollars a thousand fifty Five bucks or 0.6699 ethereum but again but again you Can play for free right now and it's in The epic game store go right here to Download it I'll leave this in the Description if you don't trust other People's links you only trust my links Because I I would never do you guys Wrong and it even looks like they Already have downloadable content not Bad not bad for a pretty much an NFC T Game that is free to play and I'm Assuming that if you own the asset then Maybe you could rent it out to a web 2 Gamer if they want to play using your Avatar I don't know something to think About maybe maybe pick up one of these Off of the secondary that one looks Pretty cool looks like it's got like a Fire extinguisher okay looks like he's Um doing a little bit of drugs all right All right so that is my pet hooligan

Again I'll leave the links in the Description if you want to check out the Game yeah and it's free free to play Frida free to download free to win free And last but not least last but not Least look what popped up on my feed the Jpg Foundation jpeg coin is finally here So if you have been using the Native cardano Marketplace for nfts then You will be able to claim your jpg coin It is now live and it looks like they've Partnered with okx and Max C is coming Soon you want to trade it right now but First before you even trade it you're Going to need to use a again use a VPN If you live in the United States Use me there's something in my throat There yeah you're gonna need to be in Another country in order to claim this All right I hope you pick up what I'm Putting down everybody anybody can claim This you just need to use your brain a Little bit so if you want to learn more You can go to the official website like learn more and it Doesn't work okay never mind don't do That use my links in the description I'll leave the link in The description or not really that long And it's not that hard to remember connect your Nami wallet Or whatever wallet you use for cardano Nfts and you will be able to claim your Jpg coins if you traded cardano nfts

Over the last year year and a half free Money free money I'm letting you guys Know about it but you know what simple To the point video today that's all I Got be blessed Taco out

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