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Is the same thing with consumers you get The earlier doctors who wait outside the Apple Store for the to be the first to Buy that iPhone and then you get the Guys who you know are quite close to That but they're happy to buy it a week Or two later and then you get the guys Who are quite happy to buy them second Hand two or three years later for a Quarter of the price and so on and so Forth you get these different stages of That cycle you know we've seen that play Out now some people in the banking Industry are the early adopters and They're happy to to be the first because They what's the benefit of being an Early adopter from a business Perspective is that you always Remembered as the first to market right You always have that reputation of being The guys who took the risk and and and Um and that takes you quite a long a Long way right And apple apple were not first to Markets Nokia was and where's knock here Today you know yeah even Blackberry was Before apple right sure it's true I mean Look at the the other first collections Only like one

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