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That's a very futuristic setting but I Don't think we're far away from an Experience similar where you are totally Immersed in a world where you get to around and do whatever but in that Game World it it also mattered like can You complete the race can you complete These challenges if you can't you're useless basically you're not Going to get all the cool stuff and I Thought about that because I was like is It always going to be this way where you Have to perform in some capacity to win And I think in some ways it will be I Think some games are going to take a Certain direction like Board of Yacht Club once they opened up the other side It's like okay you just introduced x Amount of millions of dollars The takeaway here is now that the other Side is now you are a gaming company Which means you have effectively cut out 80 percent of people because 89 people Aren't Gamers at all Um so I don't know man boy boy club Ecosystem scares me because they're so Bullish but at the same time dude if you Take away some of the hype and momentum You're like Oh I could see someone else coming In and taking over but it would be great

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