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Uh because Frank proposed it I know he Was uh kind of joking kind of open about It they're thinking about moving D Gods To ethereum did you see that I saw that So I saw that that would even hurt Salami even more because I feel like the Gods and and uh the youths that's like Solana's project well it's like it's Baby it's it's golden child I guess I Would put it as Yeah but but it did uh correct me if I'm Wrong but I think this week he did come Out and say that that he's not going to Be doing that he did but he also said But the discussion's still open So it was like it was like one of those It was like he just kind of threw it out There he was like Hey I wonder what People are gonna say to this and then he Got an incredible amount of feedback not The greatest type of feedback and then He was like oh I apologize I don't Realize sometimes how far my words go Power off my words yes exactly but I Think he closed off that statement with Uh but the discussion's still open or It's this this isn't closed so

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