Andrew Tate HATES NFTs and I Agree… But there’s a Catch!

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[Music] I'm sure by now you have seen this video So today we're going to talk about nfts Rich people were trying to convince me To spend millions of dollars on a JPEG Well I'm here to tell you that well I Agree with about 95% of what he's saying Sort of like how 95% of nfts are Worthless right but what about that Other 5% I mean that's nothing to joke About I take 5% on a trade any day and I'm sure you would too but you were a Kid once and you probably collected Things maybe it was Pokémon cards Beanie Babies Magic the Gathering cards Baseball basketball football soccer Cards you name it there was a card or a Physical item that you wanted some Character or super rare card you had to Have I mean look at all these items that Sold for tens of hundreds of thousands Even millions of dollars we are moving Into a new age of Technology with AI and Cryptography changing the way people Interact act and exchange value with one Another Andrew is right though you're a Nerd if you look at e scan check what The current gas levels are on ethereum What's minting what the top smart Contracts are I mean I'm a freaking nerd I do all these things but I also use These tools to my advantage because this Technology interests me so yes Andrew go Ride your Bugatti and leave it to the

Nerds that will one day create an even Faster more expensive car for you to Drive but in all seriousness I do Respect the majority of Andrew's message In that video well let's get back to the Five % the 5% of nfts digital Collectibles really any collectible that Holds value it is easy to make a blanket Statement here look I'll make corn 95% Of Pokemon cards are worthless do you See what I'm getting at it's true but Logan Paul still wears a Million dooll Pokemon card around his neck 95% of nfts Are worthless but I still rock my M ape As my pfp on X and that one nft has Provided me incredible value I've been Able to connect with so many people play Amazing web through games games for free That have earned me even more nfts that Have value my Mutant has allowed me to See little baby at a Fest in 2022 Completely for free and I just had the Opportunity to travel to Hong Kong for Apest this year not to mention the Impressive list of companies Yuga labs And the Bap yach Club are working with Nowadays all starting from an nft that Minted on April 29th in 2021 of just Some pictures of apes but yes it's true Many celebrities have created nft Projects that well didn't do anything Which let the holders frustrated and Turned off from nfts altogether but a Creator like Dr disrespect is a prime

Example of someone actually providing Value behind his nfts I mean check out This game he's developing and the nfts Behind it on the flip side Luca Nets a Name you probably never heard of was Able to purchase a whole nft project for 2.5 million he took a massive risk Worked extremely hard and was able to EXP expand this collection to over 2,000 Walmarts Nationwide and he was even able To get into the Smith's toy stores in The UK this collection is none other Than the pugy Penguins definitely a Project to keep on your radar so my Message to Andrew Tate is to take his Own advice do the work do the research Spend the time and energy and actually Learn about nfts and the 5% of them that Actually hold value look a little deeper Into what nfts can actually do and the Power they can hold or don't and just Leave it to the Nerds but that's all I Got I hope you enjoyed the video Taco [Music] Out

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