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What’s up everybody assalamu alaikum Hope you’re doing okay welcome to Another episode of nft Buzz my name is Yar Ramesh I’m an artist and art Collector and a general fan of the nft Space in today’s video we’re going to Talk about a few very very interesting Updates but before we get into that Let’s go to our usual announcement I Would be giving away 100 in ethereum to One lucky winner and all you have to do To be a part of the competition is just Watch this video go in the comments and Let me know which one of these updates You are most excited about with that out Of the way let’s quickly dive into Today’s video a house in South Carolina Just got sold via an nft for 175 000 in usdc the company that made this Possible is a real estate group called Roof stock they’ve got a bunch of big Things on their record and they’ve made A very very interesting case study by Connecting the real world with nfts this House can be seen as an nft on openc There’s a video that specifies the Location of the property as well as Giving a tour of the house and if you Scroll down on the openc listing you can Actually see the trades of the house Pretty much like you see the trades on Your average nft so it tells you about The number of bedrooms baths total Covered area the year was built Etc

Purchasing this nft obviously gives you Complete ownership of the house funny Thing though if you check out the Listings you will actually see that There are a few bids on this nft on this Property on this house and they’re as Low as six dollars but jokes aside I Think this is a fantastic idea last year We heard about a lot of projects trying To connect real estate with nfts with Web3 but I think this right here is Probably one of the very very few ideas That have been executed really really Well let me know what you think about This and put down a comment then we have Japanese game publisher Konami putting Out a statement saying that they’re Planning to launch an nft platform that Will allow in-game purchases of the Items these guys are are currently Looking to hire web 3 developers and are Now actively working on entering the web 3 space they have also announced that Their nfts will be used by holders to Participate in fan communities and Events and interact with other services And communities to further expand their Overall experience I think this is great For the space I’ve talked about this Before the more these big companies get Into the web 3 space The more mass Adoption we can look forward to and I Think game companies right now have the Biggest potential to bring in a lot of

New entrants to the space because they Already have these massive user bases That are currently already spending Money on digital items so I think this Is great news but you let me know what You think about it in the comments if You want to read more about this I’ve Put the article in the description box Below then we have an indie movie Producer slash writer named Nick Ritchie Joining the nft space with a project of Its own now Nick is a private collector Of arms and armor from historic times And apparently has over 6 six thousand Pieces of weapons and wearables from Different cultures in the past and Through his project he’s trying to Democratize the access to these Artifacts he’s named this project Knights who say nah not a lot of Traction on Twitter yet because Apparently these guys are still in Stealth mode so you know the website is Pretty basic that Discord doesn’t exist Right now but I do think that this is a Cool concept that’s worth talking about The story revolves around these ancient Heroes who have kind of time traveled Through a space portal and are now Trying to reclaim their weapons back From Nick in order to build the project Around this narrative Nick is going to Do four drops of 2D avatars and each Drop will have its own storyline and the

Goal here will be to go on a journey Looking for their artifacts and claim Them back he’s also planning to write a Whole script around this world and sell It to some Animation Studio or a network In the future what’s interesting about This concept is that the items in the Storyline actually exist in real life And these guys are doing some cool Things to bring them to the web 3 space It’s going to be interesting to see how This plays out they’re planning to do a Lot of good work around these artifacts So it’s going to be interesting to see How the you know history lovers in the Nft space are outside of the nft space React to this you know so I’m I’m super Curious to see how this plays out in the Nft space there have been amazing Amazing ideas with amazing projects and Amazing themes but somehow sometimes the Market just does not react the way it’s Supposed to sometimes the market just Doesn’t pay attention so I do hope that Something like this does get the due Attention it deserves if this sounds Interesting to you you can check out Other details in the description box Below last but not least limit break a Gaming company has just purchased a Super Bowl ad slot and is planning to Run an ad featuring digital daigaku now Digital daigaku is a small nft Collection of 2200 pieces that got a lot

Of attention recently they’re currently Holding a pretty solid floor around 0.5 Ethereum according to news the Super Bowl ad will be running on February 12 2023 50 million people will be watching live And tens of millions of people will be Watching from their homes later and I do Feel like this is something that will Bring a lot of eyeballs to the concept Of nfts although I am curious to know And see eventually how digital daigaku Will be featured in the Super Bowl ad And if normal people you know web 2 People will even be able to register if What they’re looking at is an NFC that Is it for today’s video I’ll be back Soon with more cool updates from the web 3 space until then have a good one take Care bye

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