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Can imagine if you were in school and I've already seen certain schools not in South Africa but globally send out Messages to parents saying tell your Children that if they use a gbt and get Found out they'll be expelled Immediately yep and there are other AI Um programs like quill which can make it That you can't track that is from chat GDP because at the moment there is a Site that you can use to see if it's From chat GDP or not so so you've got This thing I mean if you if you lying There with your kids and they say tell Me a bedtime story and you can't think Of anything tell me a bedtime story for My six year old also it's cool because Like if you do that I don't know if you Saw a Chance YouTube video but all you Have to do after you get this answer is There's another application that's also AI that basically you can alter the text A little bit to make it sound a little More legit and now he was like that's All he did he just did chat gbt copy Paste it into the other one copying page Now

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