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Think it's a game changer for every Industry I think it's going to be Absolutely incredible on the other side You do want a human sometimes like you Know and if you don't have that human it Can sometimes you don't want to speak to Robot so if people know that it's AI Then then customer service goes down Because they don't feel that same Connection so it's going to be Interesting when everyone knows hey I'm Not actually talking to a person yeah How it's going to go it's like when You're phone and they say press one for This press two for that and you're not Interested you're like I just want To speak to someone yeah because they're Stupid they're not they're not AI Generated they're Bots that have Like really interesting you're gonna Have that that's cleverer yeah but still Is not a human and is lacking a little Bit there and so it's going to be Interesting how it plays out I think the Potential is massive but it is going to Be interesting to watch but I'm so glad That it's come to the Forefront because It's something that I'm really excited About I'm excited to use it for some Thumbnails like I have a thumbnail guy I Still will be using him because he's so good and he knows he's gonna

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