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Sewer pass before we do I want to look At one more project A kid called Beast So yeah we've got a kid called these Um Kate made money on it and he is so Upset about it I had white list I slept Through the white list because I'm now Almost 40 years old and I've got to be In bed by 11 pm during the week and woke Up and my white list was gone and uh you Know and I thought to myself I should Have stayed up that extra half an hour Because literally half an hour Um Kate you tell us your story first Well I could not mint so you had been Waiting all night for that because it Took like four or five hours before my Slot opened up I didn't get to Mint for A while and then my friend and then Called me he was like dude I just meant To hurry up and I was like you've been Teddy goes yeah so I tried it five six Times didn't work didn't work didn't Work I almost walked away because I was Like wait a second I feel like I'm gonna Get scammed here why have I why have I Tried to Mint this thing five times and It's failed all five times I don't know About this a kid called Beast had zero Communication for two hours nothing from Discord they closed the Discord they Stopped communication on Twitter nobody On the team was on Spaces nobody on the Entire like nothing happened and I

Thought for sure this project just Walked away with I think what I thought Was they had made x amount of money from The mint they realized they a Bunch of stuff up and they literally Just rugged it that's what my initial Thought was and then I saw them talking A little bit about it I thought I was Like okay maybe it's not dead maybe Something's just going on so I stood up With it um saw some people were minting Again saw nothing about a rug pull and I Was like okay it it it it it it And I minted and uh it was sitting at 0.25 eth and I remember being like wow Or so sorry it was at point seven eighth Point seven eighth before everyone got To Mint basically a bunch like like two Thousand people investment it stopped uh It's Saturday it was trading at 0.75 so I was like holy this is crazy oh my God I'm gonna take a w and then when I Was able to Mint the floor crashed to 0.16 I almost bought one right there I'm So close to buying one and I was like You know what I don't think this is Gonna work the fan nurse are still Aren't talking nobody's talking nobody Be supporting them this is not going to Be it's not going to end well I know the Art's cool The Vibes are cool but this Is not going to work so I sold a 0.22 Eth knowing that I had there was

Probably room to run and I probably Would drop lower like I knew I was just Gonna have to sell here and just kind of Like not worry about it and I told Myself I didn't want to look at the Price all day what instead happened is The moment I sold I did in fact not Delete my open sheet pages I kept Checking openc every 30 minutes for the Remainder of the day so I don't know why I told myself I wasn't going to check The prices because I did anyway and then The second I sold raspy the founder goes On Twitter and starts crying all Over this place and all these Influencers come to his age saying it's Okay it's okay that you Everything up and over allocated times 200 that's not your fault even though You did that intentionally like all These things I was like wait what like I Don't know all the details so I'm not Gonna pretend like I know that that's a Fact but like so all these things and I Was like damn the one thing I will say Is I'm so I'm salty that's why I'm a Little bit more negative on it Um because I missed on such huge profit But I will say this Um which is a good a good thing towards Raspy is he's done an excellent job with His branding because if he hadn't he Would have been canceled long long ago And this is literally my mindset when I

Tell Founders I need to get on podcasts I'm like look if you're not out there Talking to people they're not gonna Believe you when something goes wrong And this is a clear the most clear Example of that of your brand shining Through if Frank messes up he accepts Accountability 100 accountability and it Makes a meme out of it and then laughs About it because they've already they've Messed up in the past and boom he gets Away with no matter what he whatever he Wants he gets away with it that's not Good or bad I'm just saying that's how The game works so he's played the game Really well Um I'm not a big fan of people doing Things wrong and then being rewarded for Them but at the same time it's a free Market so I don't care but it's one of Those things man nfts are are pure Degenerate gambling you could not have Called this nobody could have called What was gonna happen nobody could have Called that friend correct the Frank uh D Gods would pump their you know their Wagme project to 0.9 eth nobody could Have known that that crypto Twitter Would have been positive first and then LED with that into the charge as they Jumped into Twitter spaces and it was All positive it could have just as Easily been negative someone big on as An influencer could have called them out

Run a big space with 2 000 people in it And talk mad about it and it would Have crashed that's just not what Happened and that's one of those things You don't know what was gonna happen I Thought it was going to go the opposite Way so I sold missed out on an extra 4X Almost because my nft that I minted was Like a rare one so I think my floor Is a real thing Um and you clearly having it imagine my Fomo I wasn't able to Mint even though I'd watch this now the watch is gone for Anyone that did have white list Um there is a pre-mint out now so They've they've taken everyone's watches Away open a new payment in their Discord The the mint is going to be in Approximately six hours from now so if You previously had white list I would Get into the Discord find that link to The pre-mental alphabot sign in another Wallet If it's still yeah try to do it if it's Still an open Um try try and and get in because you Know mint price was what K 0.07 0.077 Okay so almost 0.08 right and the floors Currently at 0.45 let's say that um you Know as people start listing it goes all The way back to 0.25 you still are Guaranteed of making a 3X you know so Definitely definitely worth doing it These guys are influencers in the space

To some degree they've worked on other Projects Um I like that in the end of the day and They should not have over allocated they Saying it's all because they were Buttered Um whatever whatever yeah okay now you Know what whatever your belief you'll Believe but still you're looking at a Project that's five days old that's done Two thousand four hundred ethereum in Volume which is which is a very decent Amount Um it's going to be a 10 000 collection There's currently six thousand three Hundred and twenty five you can see the Owner ratio is 50 which is good Um but yeah still a lot of uh unknowns How's this next part of the month gonna Go how if I was holding that I would Sell and if I wanted to buy back I would Buy back like a half an hour an hour After the the mint because that's when It's going to be the lowest Um Hey how'd you find the uh Like the premium thing it's in the General chat in there in their Discord I Mean they have to do many announcements Yeah they didn't do an announcement I Think they're trying to say look unless You partaking in the community so they Didn't ping everyone or nothing it was Just in the general chat there um site

You can sign up you can sign up here so That's the collection if we have a look At the sorry If we have a look at the website really Nice website Um unique art going to be interesting to See I do think this has got more chance Of longevity than Um you know something you know decent um But no one really knows where it's going To go and what the intentions of the Founders are but the website's very cool The artwork's unique yeah so you can see Mint is in six hours 41 minutes time if We jump onto their Twitter 87 000 Followers good engagements over here I Mean 2 000 likes A thousand retweets I mean 19 hours ago Community reference Was starting a thousand comments 10 000 Retreats I mean yeah there's huge huge Let me let me clarify like I don't hate The guy I just don't like I just don't Need him to be praised right now I don't Need people to be jumping on Space just Telling him how great he is when he's Done nothing yet he's just dropped the Project you know it's one of the things Like they cry like ah right like when People say like Yuga has done this I'm Like facts but when you say like you Know Raspberry's done this I'm like no That's not facts he has he all he's done Is dropped a project that was

Overallocated he messed up which is fine It's okay to mess up like it's not a big Deal whatever Um but don't like come on here and like Tell them great job like no problem I'm Like no no you you chose to over Allocate because you didn't want to Because you wanted to Mint out and he Was like yeah we're telling us to drop The supply and all these things and I'm Like yeah there's taken away from the Fact that you just over allocated and You took him you take a master of L and Now you're getting roaster for it and I Still I don't get the mentality bro I Just don't get the mentality they just Love the guy But there's definitely some dodgy stuff Going on here why would someone Pay 1.65 ethereum For uh become revealed no it's because When you minted when you minted you got To go through a bunch of traits and roll Basically I left that part out by the Way so if you're minting this one you Get to go to the website you get to roll For a specific trait based on which Options you choose there's like six Options and it will spit you out a Certain trait the wag me weighs the Floor Okay good okay I'm with you I see that That's really really good okay wow all Right so that's not dodgy another thing

Here compared to when we were looking at And this is just always short term but Compared to when we were looking to as Bulla where you saw that there weren't Many offers yeah you've got offers in The same price bracket as listings That's usually bullish very short term That you know there's only 16 listings You have three offers Um you know there's there's not a huge Amount of sales happening a lot of like Four minutes ago there were three seven Minutes ago three so there's no the huge Amounts happening and because people are Obviously knowing the price is going to Drop when the next 2750 come out but yeah definitely an Interesting one a lot of drama around it And one to watch for sure one one to Watch for sure thanks there's facts Indeed indeed I'll tell you it is so hot In South Africa at the moment uh

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