A Bitcoin Ordinals NFT has sold for $7m !

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0.3 just going into the Bitcoin ordinals And it lost 24 hours we've got ordinal Pump ordinal punks at number one spot Their floor is 3.2 Bitcoin we've got Oblivion sitting at 0.185 Bitcoin the final pattern at .06 Bitcoin machines at 0.19 distortions at 0.07 still seeing Bitcoin frogs which we Spoke about about a month ago at 0.04 Bitcoin and we've got anti-nft Bitcoin Maxis at half at Bitcoin Recursive frogs uh derivative of Bitcoin Frogs which is a very bullish at 0.016 Bitcoin and those are your top 10 Ordinals just while we're in ordinals And before we get into the news where Kate's gonna chat we did have a seven Million dollar ordinal sale Um if we ever look over here according To data that was provided by cryptoslam Now again this is and crypto.news I have Only seen this from here not 100 sure That this is correct but an Uncategorized ordinal collection Was sold for 232 Bitcoin with seven Million dollars at the time of the Transaction the data shows that this nft Was minted on June the 8th it gives the Block number that it was minted on and It is traded 18 times over the past two Weeks Um crypto sales in the last 24 hours on Ordinals reaching a total of 7.36 Um to me the screams uh money washing

Wash trading you know the same nft being Traded so many times getting to this Amount Um but it did make the news and it's Important to see we are seeing ordinal Buys and sellers go down Um so buyers went down 64 and sellers 48 And also the number of ordinal owners is Only up 0.61 percent in the past 24 hours Reaching 260 000 and that is your market update hell Yeah Um before we move on I want to

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