8 Ways To Make Money In Web3

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Here are the eight ways to make a little Extra money and how to do it there's Chapters below so you can fast forward To get to the good stuff all the stuff That you already know now first up is Flipping nfts the first way is the most Thought of way it's flipping those jpegs This involves buying lows selling High Which is a lot easier said than done the Predominant way to do this is by getting Allow list for upcoming projects mention Them and then using the Arbitrage for That instant profit yes in a bear these Are harder to come by but these Opportunities are still out there so Where can you get these allow us for These juicy flips well existing projects Usually have these allowless and private Discords almost all of these established Projects are doing alphabot Raffles and Being in as many as you can will give You the chance to actually win more of Them even if they're from the same Project now what would I look out for Look out for low holder ratios to Increase your chance at winning you can Expect to make 400 to 2 000 per month if You're loading up on good opportunities With a bunch of burner accounts the next Way is by creating a project to launch Yourself this is much harder than anyone Realizes and the cogs it takes to get a Successful profitable project up and Launched is greatly understated I don't

Want to actually dwell on this too long Because the chances of actually having The project that raises that next Million dollars in a liquidity raising Event is very slim to not happening at All that is unless you have a good crazy Network and a crazy work ethic and you Understand the ins and outs of web 3. Now I can't put an exact figure on this Because the variables are completely Wild but I think most could expect Between one thousand and ten thousand Dollars worth of sales on a project and That's being quite generous Community Manager and moderator These opportunities are around but are Hard to come by this is based on the Fact that it's hard to find successful Projects that grow from the ground up to Have a large budget to flex on in this Job after mint now the best way to find These roles are through a network so People that are creating a project Themselves or people that are already in A project themselves they can then refer You on this is the best way to get ahead Of the pack and actually get in on a Decent project because it's already been Pre-vetted and some people that you know Are already in there in terms of payment Pre-mint they would usually be Airdropped nfts but unless the project Is Uber hyped this isn't a good return On investment so existing projects and

Communities that have the funding and Budgets make so much more sense Especially if you want to be earning Some money I wouldn't take a community Manager or mod role unless it was Fiat Or it was a stupidly stacked team that Will pay off via access or other things Later on that a little bit harder to put A dollar figure on expect to make Between two thousand and four thousand Dollars a month if you're aligned with a Well-funded project but you are going to Have to work for that collab manager This is the connecting of projects via Partnerships basically allow list for Pre-min a project can be very lucrative As you are basically the salesperson Drumming up business tens of thousands Of dollars is achievable for those at The top of their field but there are Downsides if the project fails to Mint Well you may be stiffed payment your Network is also key to making cash here But even if your network isn't big Brute Force DMS and asking for intros can get You a long way and after that first Project your network is already Established which then sets this stage For round two for a collab manager Hitting good strides expect between two Thousand and four thousand dollars a Month but this will be after hitting all Of your mint goals Advisor

As the name States this is advising Projects for their upcoming men the Price supply drop structure and Everything in between this can also Include offering networking and the Marketing opportunities that you hold The advisor position is almost like the Natural Evolution of the collab manager Role this is a great way to get equity In a stake of the mint funds rolling all Your skills into one person expect Between two percent and 10 of mint funds Private groups if you have a network and A good way to serve up juicy Alpha great Winning plays and delectable allowless Spots a private Discord is a great Monetization tool members in the group Get everything served to them on a Silver platter while attempting to take All of these Arbitrage opportunities Yourself or especially on hyped projects The consistent flow of opportunities to Members yields a steady cash flow and This is usually in the form of a monthly Subscription and people use platforms Like what I've used it myself twenty Five dollars to 250 dollars is at the Range but you want to find that sweet Spot where the price and member ratio is Good that everyone is making money on Average each month expect to make Between 525 000 per month Content for projects

This is coming up more and more with Lots of job opportunities being posted And creators being poached big Established projects like azuki have a Content thread team pudgy penguins have A videographer working in their office I Personally work for the chimpers team Creating weekly video Recaps now content For projects can be writing threads it Can be audio so spaces videos animations Photos to get these you do need to put In work to build up a portfolio but it Doesn't need to take long my friend Jag Grinded for about three months and Shortly after had multiple things across His desk expect between 100 and fifteen Hundred dollars per piece of content Depending on your involvement and what You're actually doing with the piece of Content itself so what platform is being Posted on Advertisements if you have any sort of Influence on any sort of platform and Any sort of Engagement you can do Advertisements and promotions Now these are a very touchy subject in Web 3 because a lot of these products Are just liquidity extracting events on Your audience but saying that there are Products in the space or projects that Are post-launch that need a way to Explain what they're doing and they're Looking for a mouthpiece to amplify that Message to a new audience now similar to

Content creation for projects expect Between 100 and 1500 per post but you Should be able to make a little bit more Because these projects or companies will Be financially incentivized to actually Be raising funds so this is in that paid Marketing segment pre-launch or post Launch and they really do need to spend That money this is a bonus way but it's Doing freelance art and animations for People there are people that make Banners custom pfps and everything in Between the best sales pitches that I've Had are people just creating a piece and Asking for a tip if you like it sure you Won't make a that bag but making a 0.01 Eighth tip again and again for doing Something isn't too bad especially if You're in a lower cost of living Environment expect to make between ten Dollars and one hundred dollars per Commission now the other good thing About this is if you start to make Really good banners you become the Banner person which then means that you Then start to get referrals and you can Then charge a little bit more which then Flows into the fact that you could be an Artist For an upcoming project and Utilize some of the other ways in here To actually get more money and double Down so that is a look at the different Ways to make money in web 3 along with Some advice and price points to aim for

The main thing I want to express is the Fact that you should get paid what you Think is fair and what you deserve don't Do free work unless you feel there is More to be made through secondary plays Say a relationship or portfolio building And these numbers are just a guide to Aren't shooting in the dark when it Comes to pricing Now look this section is for the haters That will say nfts are dead guess what They are not dead they are still plays To be made there are big organizations Moving into web 3 and doing things daily For those that say these aren't good big Price points I'm not talking about Making a fat bag making a million Dollars a year I'm talking about Supplementing that income the way that You're able to make an extra 500 bucks a Month two grand a month a thousand Dollars a week whatever it is these are Ways to build up more of a portfolio to Then stack a stack Bitcoin stack Whatever crypto you're captured with the Amount of money that you can save but You're never capped with the amount of Earnings that you have so if anyone does Read a terrible comment below just put This time stamp in there this is a Metaphorical finger to all the haters Hopefully you enjoyed watching this Video hopefully you enjoyed that Breakdown if you did go down the hit

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