535 DeGods Are Now Bitcoin Ordinal NFTS

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Carry on and we'll see but I will come Back for sure all right What we got over here is deacons has Secured entire Bitcoin block they're one Of the first to to actually mention this Um and and it is very impressive it Shows that Frank is ready to pull the Trigger if he needs to Um so he was able to supply uh to secure Sorry 535 uh ordinal spots Um on the Bitcoin protocol Um and uh going to be interesting to see What he does with it but good that he Secured them he also was able to secure Them and uh a hundred thousand Um uh uh satoshi's which is going to be Notable yeah um so they had to actually Burnt 535 Um original pfps of t-cuts which Obviously were in their Community wallet And they've now put them onto Um the Bitcoin blockchain through Ordinals um which is very very cool to See I mean effectively they've been on Solana moving to polygon Um antitherium and now they also on Bitcoin and he's definitely a bit of a Blockchain uh hope I like that it is Cool I like I like that also I liked it Also yo comment below if you're a Blockchain hoe as well I'm a blockchain Hoe I'm down for it I like I I was Actually I was doing a Twitter space

Earlier today and they were talking About uh like one of the guys was like I'm actually like he goes I'm actually Gonna head out of nfts and he goes I'm Gonna go back to crypto he's like um This web 3 world is a bit different and I was like isn't what three everything Like what three is the culture of Decentralization it's like the culture Though like I know a lot of people focus On the on the the tech stuff but it's Really about the culture and that's why Nfts have taken off so far and why I Think they're have a much bigger Lifespan and bigger size than crypto Will ever have and I don't even think It's close Um but it was surprising to me that he Said it in that way because I was like But what three is a it's like an idea It's like a whole thing you know like we Have all these things we built on top of The idea but web3 is a concept is more Of an idea of like yo people should be Able to do this stuff there should be a Little bit more fairness across it Shouldn't be a top-down pyramid scheme 24 7 like the capitalistic system has Set everything out to be when we don't Need it to be when things are changing And things are getting better and faster And ai's out here there's no reason not To take advantage of these things and we Will get to a point where it's easier

And it's less friction and it'll make More sense to incentivize the Incentivizations will be there by that Time the companies that have actual Money and resources like the UFC or Disney or Nike they'll finally have the Things that are ready to go and then the Market will actually be ready to accept Them and it's going to be lit but it was Just surprising that you said it that Way Yeah no look I think this is great I Think all of this is the way to go I Think that uh the more experimentation And the more and new things that are out There the better and I think that that's What being early is Um so yeah we did also speak in a lot of Details about Bitcoin ordinals Bitcoin Nfts not going to rehash anything Um you guys are welcome to check out Those videos If we have a look over here I'm going to toot my own horn I'm not Going to stand up and do a dance arcade Um let me just put it out there I'm not Happy that this failed I just knew

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