3 Music NFTs To Offer In 2023

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By knowing exactly what some of the Biggest multi-billion dollar labels are Doing and how they're getting their Artists integrated into the blockchain Industry Is one of the things that will set you Apart in today's day and age if you know About how to monetize music And how to conduct business on the Blockchain using some of the Technologies that we're going to be Sharing in this video that you probably Haven't heard of then you're going to be That much further ahead when it comes Time to monetize your music if you're a Producer an artist or anyone that's Making money with your music how you can Actually come into the market kind of as A whale as this big influence with the Music nfts there's been several projects In the past few months that I've been Working on with a few different artists And the thing that has stood out to me Most has been the way that you can Integrate the monetization of the Blockchain and crypto into the music That you currently are offering now and The Monumental change that I can make From where you are to where you want to Be some of the biggest artists right now In some way shape or form the business That they're conducting is absolutely Going to be you utilizing some Blockchain technology three ways that

You can offer your music as nfts in Today's world will help you to be able To not only monetize more efficiently But give more value to the people that Are listening to your music know that You can give them more than just the Music focusing on doing your best in Your Creations is hands down awesome Some of the artists that I work with I Work with because they don't want Themselves to be doing the work they Want me to help them with the business Side but for those of you that are very Small and you're trying to handle the Music and the business side you're going To want to listen to this so the first Method is going to be taking that song That you have on Spotify taking the Artwork and putting it also on openc Openc is partnered with Warner Music They are a place where you've seen Universal Music the biggest artists like Justin Bieber or Alan Walker even Rihanna have offered their music on Openc so you take that that Spotify song You put it on open c as an nft and this Is a simple collectible the freedom that You have is that you still maintain the Mechanical royalty so you still own the Music in its entirety if you were the Producer and the creator of the music But you give the ability for people to Hold on to that piece of music as a Digital collectible that's verifiable on

The blockchain so if they wanted to sell It they could easily be able to verify If it's in fact issued by you the artist So it has verifiability it's on the Blockchain and anytime it resells you're Going to get second Market royalties for That music The numbers are there so if you have a Thousand monthly listeners on Spotify There was a song that we put out Recently that had a few thousand streams A few thousand streams is not a massive Amount of streams however the people That are listening to your music and the People that are following your music Career If they really like your music and find That you're going to be worth more money In the future or your music's gonna have More listeners than buying a collectible Of the artist career yourself is that Much more attractive for potential Investors or supporters of your music Furthermore if you create five copies of Your song as nfts five copies and each One is a specified price that you think The fans would find valuable so the Value they get is going to be Collectible of the song unreleased Version of the song the ability to get Access to you where they maybe wouldn't Normally have access something we've Seen that was really big was artists Offering their nft music and if you buy

It then you get to have a FaceTime call With them and you get into a Discord Where you can talk with them anytime or You can even write songs with them if You own their nft so these are all Things that you can Implement into your Own music marketing strategy with a Sim Simple nft collectible if each Collectible costs fifty dollars and you Sell five of them then that is a nice Two hundred and fifty dollars for Offering your music as an nft that if You wanted to make two hundred and fifty Dollars from streaming then it would Take about two hundred and fifty Thousand streams in order for you to Attain that I'm not saying that you Can't do that and I think that it's very Possible and we've definitely been able To attain that with some artists but if You are putting you know 300 or 400 and You're getting basically exactly what You put in back or you're losing money Then it would make more sense to explore Other avenues of monetization that's why You see the branch the merch down below And that's why offering your music as Nfts through Shopify is very efficient Shopify is partnered with Spotify so you Can actually offer your nfts directly on Spotify that's a great method that we've Analyzed on this channel many times and There's tons of artists that are Utilizing the simple collectible method

However I also want to introduce to you Guys the method of the utility so if you Have a song that is on Spotify or Anywhere else To put out that song as An nft for Something specific That is a utility for when they buy it The reason that you would want to offer As an empty and not just something on Your website is so that yes they get Exactly what they would get if they Bought it on your website but it's Resellable and it's a collectible that Has some sentimental value to your Career so to say I'm gonna promise a Million things when you buy my music nft Is not really enough I would encourage You to have something that they get when They buy it and that thing that they're Going to get when they buy your nft is Absolutely instantaneous or within a few Days or weeks and it's worth it for them To buy the nft immediately so that could Be digital in the form of digital Products it could also be in the form of Physical products if you're going to be Selling a t-shirt or vinyl records or CDs or something that's kind of hipster Or maybe you're selling some merch that Looks really cool then having it to Where when they buy the nft they get the Merch is pretty smart because not only Will they get the merch and you send it To them as soon as they buy the nft but

They'll also get a digital collectible Now you could also do it in a way where They buy directly on a store all they do Is enter their credit card and then You're able to have a system set up to Where it generates a wallet for them and Drops an nft from your brand into that Wallet for them that works but it's a Lot more complicated that's why I would Encourage you to use a Marketplace that A lot of people know which is open seat They have a few billion dollars in Volume quarter over quarter as you can See but they haven't really taken off in The sense of every single artist has Nfts available but we've seen a Warner Partner we've seen Universal Studios and Royal and some of the biggest artists Offer their music on the platform so I Think it's a great place to start so the Second method that we're talking about Here of offering the music as an ft Simply for utility that they get Something immediately whether it's Physical or digital when they buy it and Not so much for the collectible side Is very attractive for those of you that Have people that are just supporting you Maybe they're not buying it to hold on To it for a very long time as an Investor but they're just a supporter of Your career and you can offer them more Value through nfts but then the way that You make money through it is not going

To have any third parties in between Openc also recently announced that they Have zero percent fees on their Marketplace which is quite attractive For any Marketplace because in the past You're looking at 2.5 percent to five Percent in transaction fees so now They're actually cheaper for you to Transact on the marketplace than it Would be for someone to use their credit Card that's a great reward that they get By using the platform openc number three Solves a huge problem now one of the Biggest issues with artists offering Their music royalties or giving up Rights to their music to labels is that A lot of the time just one entity holds On to those rights and they decide what The artist can do but nowadays if you Offer your music royalties in the form Of if you buy these nfts each one is a Percentage ownership of my music whether It's one song an album or however you Want to structure it then you decide how You put out the music you decide you Know the deals that you want to do and How much music you want to put out but At the same time the people that want to Hold on to your career or invest in you Whether they're labels or other fans or People that like your music are going to Pay money for owning your music yet you Retain 100 of the control of your music So this is really important because it

Means rather than having one label on 80 Of your music and you own 20 and you Have no say in your music you could have Uh you own eighty percent of your music You give out 20 to a lot of fan fans and Investors in your career And music enthusiasts maybe they're even Labels and you control your music and You're the one that pays them out they Don't Take all your royalties and then say Oh We had this marketing cost we had this This and actually we don't have anything To give you no you collect all the Royalties first and then you distribute To the labels or your fans so that's Something that I really like about the Reverse trickle-down effect Um you know normally you'd have it Trickle down but in this way it's very Much trickle up because it's direct from The artist to the consumers and the Artist determines the percent ownership Of the music so hopefully that makes Sense if you guys have any questions About that specifically feel free to Leave a comment down below and if you Made it this far in this video I would Really appreciate a comment thank you Guys for watching and I really would Love to see if we can reach 3K Subs in The next few weeks we're definitely on The way and we're gonna be there anytime I'm looking forward to growing on the

Channel and I hope that you guys are Able to offer your music as nfts or at Least get the information that you need In order to do that so if you have any Questions you can also schedule call With me down below and the only other Things that we have are the Enzo artist Group if you'd like to surround yourself With other artists that are all offering Their music as nfts then feel free to Join that free group down below it's the First link in the description The other thing that we offer on this Channel is we have the three keys to Music nfts that one goes into how to Plan a project how to Market your Project and create it and mint it on the Best blockchains and put it out and Actually get it into the marketplace Efficiently so if that's something You're interested there's about four to Five hours of video trainings that go Step by step how to offer your music as Nfts and it teaches you also through PDFs and quizzes to make sure that You're staying up to date with the music Nft space if you guys want to have a Weekly call with me every single week Then I also go live every week in that Group to share with you guys what Projects are working maybe I'm working On a project and I can share with you Where we're at or we can just answer Questions and go deep into some projects

That are available on the market Learning from mistakes learning from What's going well so if that interests You and you you'd like to join a Discord And also be able to talk with me anytime Then feel free to join the three keys to Music nfts down below so that's going to Do it for this video guys thank you so Much for watching and I'll see you in The next one peace out [Music]

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