3 Lessons I Learned From Starting A Music Software (Start Up)

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Hey guys so I started a music company That is based on AI and in 2023 there Was three lessons that I learned Hopefully you guys enjoy now before I Get into it I just want to say this is a Little different than my other content It's based around actually running a Music AI company versus releasing music So if you're a producer or you're you Know just singer and songwriter uh that Doesn't do the the the software side or Want to run a company Um I actually have made sure that the Lessons in this are still applicable and Kind of broad towards anyone of any uh Profession so hopefully regardless you Can get some value out of this and still Feel that uh you're learning uh in the Process so starting this music AI Company was really difficult and there Was a lot of challenges that I've faced In the past year but there's three Lessons I learned and I would love for You guys I want to ask you if you can Hit that Thumbs Up And subscribe down Below if you do feel that you get value Out of this content it really does help Out for me to be able to share my Experiences with you and for me to Continue to make these YouTube videos so Thank you guys so much for over 2,000 Subscribers from the beginning of 2023 I made a decision that I wanted to Try and start a music software company

And a music software company is is Really uh Broad and a lot of people Could say is it a plugin is it uh AI is It uh something that helps artists run Their business and the way that I Approached it was uh really simple I Just wanted to create something that was Valuable for people that make music Consistently and primarily for those That are writing songs and coming up With ideas for songs and those that are Kind of on the front lines of the Everyday struggle of trying to come up With new ideas and trying to stay most Importantly organized because before you Can have a system to grow your music Career or to be able to get music out Consistently you have to have automation Or you have to have autonomy like Organization that can be applied in a System in order to have a system you First have to be organized and so that's When I decided to start spending the Next year working on a software that is Called tun flow now tun flow is tuu NF l O and it goes into the software go goes Into how to structure your music how to Structure your songs uh not how to Actually uh you have the tools to be Able to structure your songs and then You also get a dynamic uh songwriting Software where you can either structure Your own music and write from your own Ideas and originate from your own ideas

Or you can take that idea that you have And help get help from AI to help you Instantly uh or dynamically Update or grow the amount of lyrics that You have that you can work off of and Expand your story so the same way that You might take a photo and bring it into Ai and say oh I accidentally didn't uh Have that part showing and it was cut Out of the photo uh rather than you know Having to go all the way back to that Spot that you were at 2 years ago and You have to retake the photo and then it Expands U basically um you just nowadays Just expand and expands the photo so With tune flow basically we made it to Where if you have an idea where you're Writing a song you can put in those Lyrics and then it can expand the song And give you more lyrics that rhyme and That mimic the uh structure and the Rhyme scheme that you're already using In your music so over the past year we Made the software and this came right After we actually Started uh a blockchain crypto Music Company uh where we have our own token For Enzo media and I had some videos on This uh but this was when the blockchain Was really going into a bare market and Still today is in a bare market and so What I see is that uh I saw a lot of Opportunity to try and create some more Value for artists in a way that helps

Them to be able to release songs more Efficiently and so that's when I created Tflow and that's that's kind of how it Started and and you might be thinking You know what are some of the things That I learned in the process well I Actually have it written down so I Thought I would share with you guys the Exact thoughts that were going through My head throughout the whole time and The three things that I learned while Growing this company obviously when We're getting started it's not too easy Like you don't have a lot of uh Experience and it's a really steep Learning curve it's like anything like Trying to learn how to produce like it's Hard at the beginning but once you get It it gets easier and so uh when it Comes comes to building the AI company Uh in 2023 this past year uh here are my Top three business lessons that I Learned first thing is absolutely uh Leverage and time is important so from The beginning we thought how is this Going to be valuable how can we save Artists uh three five hours maybe even 10 hours per week and we thought well Let's let's break it down uh growing is Painful for anyone And people either do they do three Things they either stall meaning that They don't grow they just kind of stay Where they're at or they sabotage

Themselves or they sell and so let me Get through uh what this means as as far As growing like a music company um when When you are stalling uh you aren't Really doing what you uh would like to Be doing and maybe you're just kind of Stalling you're not not really making Any uh progress or or growing through The pain uh when you sabotage I actually Have done this myself it's like every Time uh that we have a conversation my Wife and I was like we're doing a song a Week we've been doing it for five weeks And then what happens is we're like so Hyped up and we're like we're doing so Well and then we actually will be like We're we have so much momentum and then Maybe we can take our foot off the gas And focus on this thing over here uh for A few weeks and try and do this thing Over here and then do you think it's a Good time to WR when you get momentum Kind of say I'm going to take a few Weeks to do this thing and then you Don't continue to grow right when it's At a critical time right so sometimes We'll self-sabotage things and that is Just you know something that happens but What what I'll tell you is that you get Through that you learn and if the third Thing you do is you sell is you are Simply just uh growing and and you are Continuing on the journey so you're Continuing to sell uh your your

Teammates on the importance of Continuing uh selling yourself on why You need to keep going selling yourself On on continuing to to grow and selling Your family and your supporters and also Your customers your fans your people to Invest in you or to to to your Supporters that that is the selling Stage so you either do these three Things one of these three things um and What I learned in order for us to grow The software company uh and to gain Users so right right now Uh we get between uh 5 to 10 new users Every month it's not a lot but what I Found is that uh I'm either doing one of These three things and the same thing With the artists they're either you know Stalling not making music uh they're They're deciding to take a break or what Have you or they're selling they're Making the music and they're selling They're getting it out there and so I Think that this is what I realized in This past year of building the company Is that these things are so important to Think about um and kind of ask yourself Growing is painful I'm trying to grow so I'm either doing three things and the Third the selling might not be the most Uh it is the most painful sometimes but It can be more painful to stall or to Sabotage yourself later right it might Feel okay in the moment but it's one of

Those experiential things uh and not uh Thinking critically but just thinking Experientially so now we have the Buyback principle so this is something That's based on uh software uh company Uh growth expert his name is Dan Martell And if you were starting your own music Company let's say you had a Plugin or You were starting a um a uh song Generator or maybe you're starting a Lyric AI company or you're starting um Like a compressor or maybe it's a AI Beat maker company or maybe you're Starting um a photo editor or a video Editor or lyric uh lyric generator for The videos you're a software engineer Right so or you're a soft someone that's Going to have to build software and You're going to need a lot of time and This is what it's important to think About when I say buyback principle it's Like how do you buyback your time to Where you have the time to do the things That you should be doing the first thing Is don't try and hire people to grow and I know that sounds C crazy because you Probably hear people say uh hire someone Hire someone hire someone um but the Thing is is when you're growing or You're just starting out and you hire to Grow you're you're doing it wrong you're Hiring to grow what you need to do is You need to hire to free up your time Because when you free up your time then

You can do the things that are ma like Thinking in your business and and the Things that matter so the first thing is Not to maybe hire a software developer Or to hire uh someone to do uh you know Your marketing maybe the first thing is To hire someone that can do some of the Executing or just managing your time Like a personal assistant that can help You uh with content or things like that To where you don't have to think about It they just read all of your emails or They do things like that so why you can Focus your time on the things that you Need to do uh because if you're trying To hire to grow but you can't even Manage your own time then you're not Going to be able to manage the time of The people that you hired to grow There's no way right so the back Loop uh Essentially I want you to think of this Loop uh this is kind of what I I learned The past year right is that you have This Loop and there is pain and you're Feeling pain for a reason um and you Audit that pain so you you figure it out You look at the pain you say why am I Feeling this pain and then you have to Transfer that pain to something that Says how am I going to get through this How am I going to be able to transfer The pain of doing that thing or the pain Of um like for example we have people That use toune flow because why they

Have a pain of getting their songs done And structuring them and staying Organized and and writing Enough lyrics They identify that they transfer that Pain over to toune flow which solves and Buys back their Time and then they're able to now fill That time with other things that are Going to help them grow faster and so That's really something I learned Recently is just like identify the pains See how you can uh transfer them or or Or um eliminate them and then fill that Time with what you want to be doing if And and that applies to many things in Our growth that's why I found so the Next thing is if you don't have help From anyone then you are the Help if you don't have help then you are The help um um you know and and this one Kind of hurts because it's like uh you Realize for example if I Today decided that I was going To uh what is a task let's say that Let's say that I am a CEO of a few Companies which I kind of am but I don't Think of myself as CEO but now there's This um new company that I'm starting And it requ Ires daily video editing That's very Simple um if I go do that when I'm over Here uh running these multiple companies Or or trying to do what I'm trying to do I'm I'm being overpaid and

Underqualified Because there's someone that can edit Better than me and there's someone uh That could be paid less than what my Time's worth so I'm actually Underqualified and I'm overpaying Because it it's it's really not um I'm Being overpaid uh for for the amount of Value I'm bringing so uh in 2017 I Actually went to San Francisco and you As a music producer or someone that is Interested in growing their music should Think about uh where you're surrounding Yourself with people because the the Reason that I went was because I thought Um I got invited to go to share uh music Marketing and my life Experience and I got to go share with This company that was called Invisaline and I made a um a song for Invisaline and I went to San Francisco And I got to talk with the CEO of invis Line and he told me something because we Were talking about um how to grow they Had at the time invis line but it was Also a software company they had this Thing called inot it's a thing that Scans your mouth gets you a 3 3D print So invis line even works and then all These other companies like smile direct Club and uh I don't know what they're Called nowadays but they went and uh Tried to create the same software as Invisaline invisaline gave them the

Software here's how you you know print The mouth casing so you can do braces Right and uh what I learned from the CEO Is he said that uh digital always wins So try and when you're building try and Build your business to be uh digital for People to be able to uh integrate Digital And um and the reason it works is Because you can send information and Organize information uh with with Everyone and you don't have to for Example send a molding of teeth every Time to a place to go get it measured And recasted instead they had a digital File of the teeth and they would send it Via email right and he said I want you To think of the refrigerator right so The Refrigerator is uh what did we have Before the refrigerator we had the ice Box right here we got a picture on the Screen which is an ice box the ice box Was what everybody put their cold food In they would go every single day or Every 3 days to the store to get ice They would put in their ice box and That's how they kept their food Cold now what did we have after the ice Box well we had the refrigerator but Before we had the refrigerator something Happened you see the refrigerator came Out with this old refrigerator well new Refrigerator at the time and they said

Look at our refrigerator you never have To go to the store to get ice again this Is going to solve all your problems Saving you tons of time and what Happened nobody was buying the Refrigerator and they thought why is no One purchasing the refrigerator this Doesn't really make sense we made this Thing it's so much better than the ice Box so why aren't people purchasing it Well um months go by they're struggling They're thinking this is so much better Why is no one purchasing our Refrigerator why are people still using An ice box does not make sense and they Thought well let's see the ice box this White ice box that they use that Everybody uses doesn't seem to to be too Much different we made this you know Metal container what if we just paint The refrigerator white to look like the Ice Box so they painted the refrigerator Whites to look like the ice box and Everybody started buying the Refrigerator why because it was uh Simple and it was easy to see and so Sometimes you have something that's Digital and it's so much better and you Think this is great of course somebody's Going to use it but people don't use it Because why it's it just is too Unfamiliar from what they're used to It's too different from what they're

Used to and so um that is where that's What I learned from the CEO of invis Line and the reason that I share that is Because um when you have the opportunity To create something that is let's say It's music let's say it's software let's Say it's um anything that you create Let's say you create a song and it's Different than most Artists if nobody's listening but you Know that there's a certain crowd that Could find it attractive a lot of Popular artists in their management Teams will say let's make this release Look like the same type of marketing as This release so that everybody can kind Of feel the same about this track is Going to give me uh similar they go There they actually find that it's more Creative and it's better and they like It better and they start going with that Now of course there's originality in the Original idea but the marketing side Says that you have to give people Something familiar and so that's where I Found uh with growing our software the Past year is that um rather than saying Use this songwriting software it really Doesn't make a whole lot of sense for Someone that says okay I need yeah I Need this well they're like well I could Just use my notes app like why do I need To use tun flow like I I'll just use my Notes app and then what we have to do is

We have to run a challenge and it is About releasing a song a week so I run a Song a week challenge and in the Challenge Then we show it's like you want to Release a song a Week you have two options you know you Like you want to keep your food cold you And and they're both very similar but One is way faster and way better for you You can try and and spend 5 hours or Let's say an hour say 20 minutes to 5 Hours for every song to write your Song you Can you can um and then not be organized Or you can write your song and then have The ability to expand your idea more Maintain your artist Integrity but still Stay organized in the whole process and Now you're actually finishing rather Than uh 20 minutes to 5 hours you're Finishing it in uh 2 minutes to an hour Or maybe two and so now you're saving Three hours a week and if you're doing a Song a week that's 12 hours every month That's 12 hours that you could be Spending on marketing that's 12 hours That you could spend on content that's So much more time for you to be able to Do the things that are going to help you Get the music off the ground and now the Value starts to really add up and that's Where you know just thinking about Digital and leverage and time and how

You can help people do that with with um Your company is like so powerful so Powerful for anyone to be able to Implement that and hopefully that that Uh gives you some value in this video Guys um if you want to join the song of Week challenge or you want to learn About ton flow or see how it works Definitely check check out the links Down in the Description uh I thought I would share These lessons and and hopefully you Found them to be valuable just to review One more time it was if you don't have Help you are the help uh leveraging time Is important how can you leverage time And how can you buyback uh what is the Buyback principle uh you know Identifying where you're having pain and Then and then being able to uh then Audit that pain and transfer that pain And fill that pain with something else Right so uh hopefully you got some value At this thank you so much for watching And I'll see you guys in the next video

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