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Three facts you didn't know about nfts One of the first nfts that was ever sold Was a gift of a Pop-Tart cat this nft Sold was a looping animation of a Pop-Tart cat with a rainbow Trail known As nion cat it was sold in February of 2021 for a whopping $590,000 number two Nfts can represent physical assets nfts Aren't limited to digital art they can Also represent ownership of physical Items some artists have used nfts to Sell concert tickets and even a house Was to ized as an nft this fact shows The potential for nfts to revolutionize Ownership and transfer of real world Assets and number three nfts can have Hidden secrets nft creators can embed Hidden messages unlockable content or Even additional nfts within the token Itself these surprises are often Discoverable by the buyer after purchase Adding an element of mystery and Excitement to the nft collecting Experience it's like a digital treasure Hunt

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