21 January 2023

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We've got Andrew Tate who's been Arrested Um and you know I'm not going to run Through the story I think everybody Knows they they while they investigate They're keeping him in jail for 30 days At least and that can be extended and in Order to do that you have to have some Pretty damning Um evidence against them because if They're wrong about this authorities Um he will he will sue that country for Everything it's worth and they know that And end up winning what they think they Write and that they've got something Um I'm interested to hear what you have To say first Kade and then I will yeah Speak to you about it what what are your Feelings on this because you're the guy Who mentioned they entertained to me Before I even knew him right yeah and Since then I've watched a lot of his Content I have my own views on it but I'm very interested to hear what what Your what Your views are I I just don't buy it bro like the Second he got arrested like 10 hours Later he's tweeting again and I was like Bro what are you like it it seemed

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