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[Music] What's going on everybody welcome back To nft Alpha the channel that brings you The wildest nft sales upcoming nft mints And mind-blowing nft news brought to you By me Taco so give us a follow at nft Alpha show on X And subscribe to us on YouTube at nft Alpha all right so in This video we are going to go over the Heavy metal forge because the rift is Open and we got another game that came Out yesterday Reich League that's right We're going over two games today we're Gonna go over some gameplay how to start Playing and uh maybe we'll try and win Some games maybe uh fight some monsters In the rift let's check it out all right So we are on the official Rec league.xyz Website and we're going to connect our Web3 wallet we've got a metamask wallet All right connect with metallask all Right cool we are in all right so as you Can see in the bottom right hand corner Right above me yesterday you were able To assemble your met and the Mayhem has Started Menzies Mayhem so pretty much It's a it's an in-game tournament so Players are able to play against other Players and fight and gain points okay So what you're going to want to do is Head to the top right here and click Join battle but but before that you're Gonna need some rec league Parts in your Wallet so go over to the garage let's go

To my Max first so as you can see this Is my Mech you have to do is assemble 10 Different parts each component like you Got the chest you got the weapon you got The helmet each part is its own nft so If you go to like open C you can see all The made mechs already so it looks like There's only 834 completed mechs at this time the Floor price is 0.06 for the cheapest one I think that's around yeah it's around a Hundred dollars so if we go to the rec League Majestic boxes what you're going To need to do is purchase one of these Boxes in order to acquire the parts then Fit your Mech and then be able to fight To be a little confusing so we're going To go through it because that's what I'm Here for guys I'm here to do it for you I'm gonna spend my own ethereum on this But I don't know if I want to buy it off Of Open C let's see if blur has cheaper Prices all right rec league Majestic Okay so it does look like they are Similar floors uh it's a .028.028 but that's that's just like the The bottom of the barrel I want like a Better Rarity so you got the Yuga ones These are the most expensive 0.64 if you Had a coda you were able to claim one of These for free so essentially that's What we're having to ethereum for free You have a board ape a new nape or a Kennel make sure to follow rec league on

With X so then you can find out when you Can mint your box if you have one of Those board Apes mewn apes or panels Miss codas were the first and um here They are right here all right so that's Too expensive for my blood Um rare let's see what the rare ones are At .04 do I want a rare or do I want an Epic epics are 0.06 six I don't know Which one to buy guys rare or an epic I Mean epic is epic rare is rare but epic Is more epic than rare is rare I'm doing It all right so I'm connecting Connecting yada yada signing hooray cool Okay all right that's the one I want to Buy all right looks like the price all Right so ethereum is 1622 and it's asking for 0.06 let's see It's about 97 let's do it I'm gonna go Through the whole process with you guys All right our transaction was confirmed Now let's head back to the rec league And check it out all right so I'm gonna Go to my boxes hey there's my box my Majestic box that I just bought the Bottom left-hand corner you can see open Mode we're gonna click that we're gonna Go to our Majestic box and there it says In the box boom click that blah blah Blah you can read that if you want to And it's gonna cost I'll do the math for You guys .004 about six bucks firmed Right burned box parts are being minted And we will uh know shortly you know

What they need like some pump up music During this process or maybe some like Crazy like you did it it's done your Mint is complete do something that vumio Will have oh just taking way too long I Thought blockchain was revolutionary Working on either scan hey it was Successful and it was only five dollars And 30 cents how about that all right so This is uh definitely lagging let's just Refresh it and it still doesn't read it All right let's go to my garage go to my Parts no parts all right definitely Gonna have to wait then all right well I Just got the notification on my phone That the smart contract was execute Where's my parts where's my parts okay Let's check I'm at a mask got it got it Got it all right so my parts are showing Up on open C good now uh need them to Show up on their whips I could build my Mac right in the meantime let's download The game so then we can just jump right In in order to start playing the game You're going to need to log into and Away play Let's go there now all right Let's sign in all right I'm gonna put in My uh info and I'm gonna take it off Screen okay you're gonna to enter in Your email and then they're going to Send you a code hey I got my code and Okay I'm all logged in so wheat Step One Is done step two is secure your Mech Nfts I already have one I'm waiting on

My other parts to show up in my wallet Actually they're in my wallet I'm Waiting for them to populate on the page All right so uh this is a Windows Computer so we're gonna download all Right we're gonna run it all right now We got the Nya play uh launcher now We're gonna click reg League that's the Game we're playing and we're gonna Install it all right installation is Done we're ready to play hey let's get That updated okay we are almost done Didn't really take long at all honestly It's only been like a minute all right I Already have this on my laptop we're Gonna confirm this hopefully I didn't Just mess up anything I can't play on my Laptop we'll find out all right we are In you're in the game so by the time You're watching this video the first Contest of today will have already have Started but right now it's about three Hours and 24 minutes away as you you can See it's your boy alien Taco here this Is my Mech um I can look at my mechs if I want to uh hopefully I could get my Other parts and see if I got any good Ones if here's how to play there's Movement so you swipe left or right to Move you can block and burst you'll have Skills you'll have special abilities and You'll have a card deck you'll get a new Set of cards after you play all of them If you don't like your card selection

And a few EP and tap the discard button For a new set of cards all right let's Practice a little bit let's see how good My moves are all right let's do this in A fist Oh Six hits in a row all right let's keep It going burst it burst it chest bomb Chest ball chest bump Spike flip ample Fly attack amplifier check he's gonna go For it Hello I didn't even do any damage to it What the all right let's get closer to Him let's do the Saturn V punch Hey if that was the guy against me that Was my attack All right we get close to him oh yeah You're getting off I need to block this Pocket block it block it block it block It says bombs Hmm you're close you're closer the Closer Rocky punch We got this outer v-fod we're gonna get It oh yeah okay okay you guys get it Guys get it it's a fun game it's a very Action-packed high intensity I could Definitely see myself playing this for a Few hours I mean honestly so that yeah That was just practice mode when the Contest starts you'll be able to play Real people and win real prizes as you Can see in the top right hand corner the Top prize is this iconic Holo spec I I'm Gonna win it maybe I don't know I've got

A practice some more all right so you Guys uh got that part of it let's see if I could actually see my Mech map oh There we go we're back we're back okay Let's go back to rec league let's Refresh the page they're still not there I don't know what's going on here they Are in my wallet yeah they're all right Here so you can't say I didn't buy them Because they are right here they're just Not showing up in my uh my garage yet Man oh well we'll move on we got another Game we get to play today and it is All right so as you can see the rift is Open and it awaits us pack your bags my Battle bags choose a biome and find out What's out there let's get started so as You can see there are canyons Citadel Arrow and Mainframe bio and there's also Difficulty levels okay so Gary at the Bottom here I think you're almost ready To try this on your own just one more Thing sure you have four biomes to Choose from your Expedition remember the Shimmer biome can only be accessed Through other biomes so there's actually A fifth biome that you can only access After going into one of these other Biomes and then you have to find it Alright so let's pick a biome um let's Go to the Citadel and it looks like I Can only go on the easiest difficulty I Mean this has only been out a day Um and it costs 50 000 energy as you

Could see I'm pretty wealthy I've got Like 7.5 million all right let's go so I Played this briefly yesterday and I was Able to find these battery packs so I'm Gonna add them to my bag so I could stay Out in the biome longer because you have A time limit and we'll find out so You're my bag I got my battery pack it's An extra battery and it allows me to Stay in the rift longer okay there are Slots in your bag for fighting and Others for exploring like battery Refills you can upgrade your bag with Gears to add more slots so right here These are the gears and you purchase Them with a coin all right all right all Right let's go in should I use one two Or three bad let's just use one for now Because oh well that's if I want to buy Extra see that's 190 gears which I again You buy with eight coin good um good Bitcoin sync I mean if players want to Get the best items if they want to fight The top bosses and you want to do it More efficiently then you're gonna need Some gears good thing I've got my ape Stake and it's getting me free ape coins So essentially it upgrades for free All right all right Um are you ready let's let's go make Your choice okay Um do I want to be an explorer or a Crafter let's be a fighter in game I get 10 plus battery on all enemy kills

Spells in fight I get 15 on my base Attack ooh but I lose 15 of my own Shield [ __ ] [ __ ] I don't know man This is a tough choice this is like the Hardest Choice I've had to make all year All right I'm stealing my feet I'm a Fighter all right let's get in there Let's get in through the rift if your Heavy metal is ready to explore this Biome hit that Circle to head over there All right so you just Venture around With your mouse okay I'm searching Around finding me some stuff I could Pick up see anything so far oh what's This all right looks like I got some Materials some technique material and Some more Technic material okay I'll Take it I'll take it and if you check in The top left here this is my energy bar It's already heading down you you've got A timer here you can't just explore all Day unless you got all that energy like I do so I could be in here well I'm Sleeping I can't find anything though I want to Find something in a fight or maybe like A chest to loot battle bags are not even Packed yet going we're going oh wait There's someone over here where are you Going okay another one of these things Pick me pick me boom all right looks Like I got some more material I'm gonna Snatch that up I go left or right oh we Gotta fight we gotta fight all right

We're gonna use this basic attack boom Take that mole okay all right the top Right you can see his uh oh okay all Right I gotta I gotta hurry up man I Don't have that much time and the Clock's a ticket oh that took him out See ya all right and I get to pick up What I just found all right Biotic material I got a spark patch I Got gemstones let's gather it all baby Peg them bags I wonder if I could just Use this oh I got all my energy back After I clicked that button that was my Battery pack oh we got another fighter All right all right let's get him let's Get him use this attack Oh he only has four Health left only did Me for 22. that's nothing you just use a Basic attack on this guy see ya have a Good night all right let's see what I Got oh I got some luck hey now some cool Stuff I got back coil Nexus core all Right ooh another one raining items Technic material do I want more uh nah I Already have enough okay ooh chest I get That you need to craft the key before You can use it gather all right well I Got it but I need a key in order to open It okay all right we got another one I Got a lot of time left oohland right now What you could do also you could buy a Coin and then you can increase the slots In your bag see that right there you can Carry more items my bag is already full

Hit a bigger backpack so that was a dead End so I've seen a lot of people get Lost and not be able to get out before Their energy is up and when that happens You lose half the items in your bag Which is uh very unfortunate because You're you're working so hard to get These items man and they just taken from You it's so sad so I can either leave by Going back to the start I believe or I Gotta find my way out of here see what Happens first there's nothing up there Okay let's go this first and then I Think that's how to leave I already gathered that and then we're Gonna we're gonna head to this whatever It is exit found are you sure you want To leave still have battery left to keep Exploring and Gathering if you leave This Expedition will end you'll keep What you gathered yes Lee we got no more Room in my bags I packed my bags my bags Are packed all right awesome so that was A six minute Expedition I had three Flights I alluded 17 chess and I used One infusion alright and we are back to Our land hey all right and for doing That I unlocked a madner fire and win Against a madner and what's this Fighting win against a sniper and find The exit portal in the Citadel so I Could craft this I wanted to all right Let's craft it why not I gotta build to This one eventually so let's um let's go

From here all right so my guy's gonna Build that and real quick let's just Check back did I get my parts yet let's Uh disconnect and then reconnect maybe That'll help web3 folks red boxes I Opened my box all right we'll come back Later hopefully my parts will be there And I could uh create my Mac that's what I wanted to show you guys thankfully I Already had one Mech assembled I hope You enjoyed the video guys I hope you Enjoyed uh these nft games I know I do And I'm looking forward to more coming Out so I could use my nfts and play and Earn and just have a good time happy Friday be blessed

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