ūüö®BREAKING NEWS: FTX Customers May Get Their Money Back!?

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Didn't no one's been crushing it [Applause] Let's [ __ ] go dude hell yeah congrats This [ __ ] horror basically Ryan it's Like a totally different app right like You really gotta focus on Twitter as its Own entity so it's been really fun for Me as well Um yeah dude uh Philip what do we think We moving on from AI stuff are we gonna Like is there more nft stuff or is it All AI stuff for the rest of it no sir I Think let's move on from AI stuff There's a couple of new stories that I Want to cover cool and then we can go Back and open up the floor so if guys Want to add anything anything at all Just request and then we'll get there at The end where we usually did uh use Those comments we can get there is that Good yeah Awesome let's do it so another thing Going back to uh Um you know crypto related stuff we've Got FTX news which is really massive They have found five billion dollars so The Liquidators and the attorneys and The lawyers acting on behalf of Um the creditors people who are owed Money have officially stated that They've recovered five billion dollars In crypto and if that is the case which It seems to be the case because it's Come from lawyers of FDX that means that

People will get about 50 to 60 percent Of their money back Um because remember this money that they Find they hold to make customers good And that's that's not including the 300 Million dollars or so that the Bahamian Government Um was given uh when they shouldn't be Given that by fftx and other ones that They'll still uncover so I mean when it You know when it went at it is worse Guys were expecting Sense on the dollar And now it's looking like it's going to Be at least 60 cents on the Donna which Is a really really great news Yeah 100 also I want to be crypto uh I Appreciate you being here for for the Time that you were um we'll definitely Chat later on thank you so much for Being here man see you soon Uh but as far as that thing uh not too Many thoughts on it honestly like the The whole the whole SPX situation in General is just [ __ ] silly bro like We're not gonna see him ever again I'm Telling you right now he's not in jail We've got our bets in place that's fine All I'm saying is that they have found And recovered five billion dollars the Total creditors are about eight or nine Billion dollars that means that people Can have hope that they will at the end Of this get a 50 to 60 at least back Which is great which is great because

People who thought they'd lost Everything can now can now know that They'll get something back and that's Bullish for the space because you know It just shows that it's not all gone to Zero you know what I mean Yeah man 100 yeah totally totally that's That's [ __ ] awesome I don't know if Anyone else lost money on FTX I didn't Use FTX like that I think I maybe used It once or twice but I just kind of like Didn't I don't know I I don't know if I Just I forget why I didn't use FTX I'm Not sure Well I'm happy It looks like crypto dream they have Though what do you got to say bro Oh I didn't but I was gonna say Bill Cosby got off on a loophole and I'm just Afraid that with all the lawyers and all The people in high places that you know Oh Jesus Christ that is in fact true no No or Noah what's up dude [Music] I honestly got on the app I hated the Interface I thought it sucked to use and So I was like freak this we're not using This my buddy was like I just got an STX Because it was like a referral thing I Was gonna get my buddy some you know Bitcoin on your ethereum or whatever Else and I was gonna get some too or Like 10 bucks of usdc and I was like I'm Moving everything off I was like I never

Moved anything on there Yeah I'm done like coinbase interface is So much more convenient I love coinbase He's in advance before anything went Down with SPF Um King King I you did what I couldn't you Did what I couldn't bro when Voyager Went down I could have told people and I Just didn't think about it I didn't Really think about Voyager going down That fast I just kind of pulled my money Out just for a safety's sake but I Didn't think for real it would just Collapse within a few days so like my Friend Devin like had some money on on Voyager and I was like damn bro I just Did not think about it I'm sorry like I Just didn't think that it would happen For real What's up Craig what's up Speaking about speaking

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