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He's still gonna be arrested a parakeet But bro did you see in other news Andrew Tates uh they denied they denied his Appeal he's still in jail hey yeah yeah He's still trying did you see did you See pictures of what he looked like oh He's looking rough he must really not I Thought he was I thought he was all fake When it first happened I was like There's no [ __ ] way this is real Because I thought he lived a remedy for A reason because he would get away with Things like this but I guess They've been working on this thing for a While they're like nah bro you're you're Going to be put away for this I'm very Interested to see where that goes Because so much coverage has been done From people even people we know from Like that Mario dude and the Twitter Space Roundtable guy Um he's always covering just everything Around the world and Tate comes up a Decent bit and people have their opinion On it it's a pretty crazy [ __ ] story Dude I mean low-key it'd be sounding Like the plot that almost sounds too Good to be true but or not too good to Be true in that sense but like uh it Sounds too Like perfect where he was like I'm gonna Get arrested it's gonna be like this Gonna happen I know people were saying He said that because he knew the police

Were chasing him but either way even if He did it's still a crazy story like I Know there's a documentary that's coming Out about this for sure Yeah I mean look I don't know I wasn't Even planning I'll talk about this it Just came to my mind and once I'm Talking about something I like to show You I mean they are looking rough [ __ ] dude they are uh no I didn't mean To laugh at them but like damn they Really do be talking about Yeah Um look uh yeah I I don't know he looks A bit [ __ ] at the brother it looks Like it's definitely on something but uh Andrew looks over but I mean look yeah I'm not here to pass judgments at all I Just yeah I I wouldn't want to be in a Romanian jail even if I was a kickboxing Champion Yeah yeah they definitely are not having It fun out there Yeah that's for sure yeah so he shouted Out they said they did some shout outs Let's just call us made a spade he spoke Quite calmly let's see if we can play This Someone said you think there'll be Justice and he said there's no justice In Romania Damn Wow Yeah wow wow I'm sure he's missing his

Mansion and cars bro I mean once you're Used to Egyptian cotton a thousand Thread counts uh sheets and do guys it's Not easy but I'm telling you Yeah Yeah dude yeah I don't have too much to Say on the entertain thing just because We don't know I mean I don't know we Literally just don't know no we don't Know we don't know at all and it's not For us to to know either way that was Just a bit of an impromptu thing all Right so at the news obviously doodle is Very big like if

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